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One of the interesting and very useful options in F1 2020 is to know how to recruit and manage teammates, let's see.

Why recruit and manage colleagues in F1 2020?

Some races or some teamwork statistics and knowing how to recruit and manage teammates are outlined as the ideal task, because thanks to our colleagues we can run some races and activities that involve a certain challenge and with it the possibility of improving our position As you will see among the best positioned, we will be more likely to achieve formidable teams, extremely juicy contracts and especially fame.

In addition, having the possibility of knowing how to recruit and manage teammates allows us to choose to get some favorable advantages for us, since the idea is to get better numbers and the goal of being the best is a necessary objective in F1 2020.

  • We have the possibility to reduce engine wear thanks to energy mapping.
  • We can increase the generation of resource points for our R&D facilities thanks to Feedback.
  • It is possible to increase our cheer due to the Social Media Team.
  • We can unlock additional responses during press interviews and this is due to Media Management Training.

How to recruit and manage teammates in F1 2020?

It is good that some players possibly come from Formula 2, which is not bad but it does have some not very attractive statistics. However, those numbers improve variables as we progress in F1, as the statistics as a driver, experience, races, awareness and pace are making those low numbers can rise and be competitive, this being the goal to chase since with the help of our partner we aspire to be at the top.

Making the statistics of our partner can raise is the idea because certain necessary points for us will depend on him, so it is important to focus on two specific activities, since they serve as preparation for him and for us simultaneously, that is one advantage that F1 2020 offers us and it is not possible to waste, it is possible to implement these methods.

The improvements in the facilities of the season.

This is done in the Personal tag, this can affect all the pilots we manage to hire throughout the season, some specific changes alike and it contains:

  • The option to increase skill and awareness through the Fitness Center.
  • Increased work thanks to the Simulator.
  • Increased experience thanks to the Analysis Suite.
  • Activities on the season calendar.

This is an option for the partner to get their stats up, since there are several activities per execution, but only modifications for this particular player, so when they change it they will go with him.

Our character also needs to increase the statistics and to locate them it is necessary to locate ourselves in the corporate panel, where we locate contracts under the benefit of the driver and carry out some activities.
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    The topic of transactions in F1 2020.

    Knowing how to recruit and manage teammates is simply a necessary task but requires exigency, because when a season ends the most complex process comes and it is the obligations, when we observe that the fruits have not been the requirements, it is simply possible to be left out, because not it is possible to reward those who have not been able to measure up.

    The skills and statistics of the pilot will open the door to negotiate again, therefore we must specify that this pilot can meet the necessary requirements, because this will serve as an opportunity for our pressure to sign him and he will not be left out. F1 2020, since we can make an offer that can be tentative and make them change their minds, because it could consider some risk but if we do not take it perhaps nobody will and this can pose arsenals as a replica to get improvements, because in the end Of all knowing How to recruit and manage teammates is not an arduous task but a competitive one that depends on the effort given by us, in addition we will even have the opportunity to hire free agents, of course, in the case of having accumulated enough money in F1 2020.

    Definitely knowing How to recruit and manage teammates is a very busy activity but with the necessary statistics plus those that we can buy we can assemble the ideal team and be the best in F1 2020.

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