Angel Marquez
2020-07-07 01:53:29

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This time we return with a F1 2020 guide in order to explain how to use assists.

What to know about assists in F1 2020?

  Certainly in this game the races are very interesting, due to the countless options that we have and that over the course of this series have had many outstanding improvements, there are assists, where it is possible to configure them at our discretion according to the experience that we want to have, for By means of these it is possible to find great effects when it comes to controlling the vehicle, now if we want to find the right adjustment to our tastes, it is necessary that we know how to use the assists and in the following explanatory content will be the answers, let's see what it tells us about.
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How to use assists in F1 2020?

 To change the different settings in the assists it is necessary that we go to the main menu that we have in the home tab, here we go to help, then we have the option to change the help settings, being these by chance or standard, we have that in standard there are some possible options to change, but when doing this from the main menu means that all changes will have to be made from here, it is easy if we are playing in the chronometer tests but instead for the race and my team will be a bit tiresome, so we have another method of change for assists, being this from the loading screen of a race, being practice or grand prize, we may press the start buttons, options or the tab key, then we will go to the preferences, where we will make the changes that have to do with the assists, in the pits it is also possible to make the adjustments before the race, with the pause menu and going to the As preferences, on the go we can also do it, only that the many modifications usually cause large changes in the control of the vehicle.

 This way we finish our F1 2020 guide, now you know how to use assists, just enjoy it to the fullest.