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The world of F1 2020 allows us to explain how to win races while driving in the rain.

  Driving a vehicle when it rains normally is usually a problem or rather quite uncomfortable and that is what you mean by a normal road or highway journey.

Why win races in the rain at F1 2020?

  First of all we must consider that we are talking about a sport where speed is the epicenter of it, because here it is possible to achieve speeds that simply tend to exceed 200 miles per hour, it is also a competitive sport where fighting to be the winner becomes the activity more important. It is evident that simply knowing how to win races driving in the rain is simply necessary, because if we do not do it another driver will do it, even when this can be very dangerous, and when the number of competitors can oscillate around 20.
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    How to win races driving in the rain in F1 2020?

     Normally running in a dry climate is already complex, in rain it is even stronger, so competitors should choose to place all the tools they consider necessary, as braking options, tires, visibility problems count here In short, it can become quite dangerous, especially when we approach curves where it is mandatory to choose to “pick up and harvest”, that is, release the accelerator before reaching the curve and thus avoid accidents.

     Knowing how to win races driving in the rain becomes a dangerous activity and this is where we apply some techniques related to speed reduction, as this is not only done regularly to save fuel in F1 2020 but also for safety when the whistle goes off. It is wet, since being in this way simply maintaining balance can be moderately difficult.

     When the track is wet simply everything becomes more complex, because to this we must add the possibility that our vehicle does not have the necessary grip on the asphalt, because here the tires bear much of the blame since it is simply not It is possible to keep them controlled, this allows them to lose some power which makes accelerating more difficult and risky. In the meantime, it is usually important to consider that it is possible to get us before a sharp turn and this is particularly because the track becomes slippery because it is wet, so in one way or another it would take us a little longer to turn, but it also allows us to brake a little allow us to stay longer on the track and thereby enjoy more than F1 2020.

     It is necessary to make it clear that ERS impulses can simply cause severe stability problems, and this does not only apply to a wet track, as it is possible to achieve these problems on a dry track, so we only make sure to use them and send speed to the tires only on the straights, especially when we are sure of making some overtaking, like the DRS they are extremely careful enhancers, the rest there is no other problem, just maintaining a normal rhythm.

     This is all you need to know about how to win races driving in the rain, as it is somewhat complex and we will probably constantly see yellow flags, but it is still possible to win them, try F1 2020 it is interesting.

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    10 July 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer
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