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Angel Marquez
2022-02-03 16:00:33

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We invite you to discover How to get the Boomstick blueprint, a new task in Dying Light 2.

What to know about Boomstick's blueprint in Dying Light 2?

It is necessary that we find ourselves in the central Loop section of The City, first progressing through the Let's Waltz mission, after that we will be in the Central Loop, here we will speak with a Craftmaster in the downtown electrical station or in the fisheye canteen, with any of these we can get the blueprint of Boomstick, now for more details let's follow the next content.

How to get the Boomstick blueprint in Dying Light 2?

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When deciding to find the fisheye canteen we have to have unlocked the power station before, it is important that in this place we have checked the inventory that Craftmaster has, in case he has the plan it is ideal to buy it to use it as a weapon, Considering this, if we improve the Boomstick to cause a damage of 160, being quite ideal for quick hits that will help us kill, the number of shots will also be improved and it is good to know that we can even build a Boomstick with the use of 100 scraps.

  Now that you know how to get the Boomstick blueprint, just do it and get the most out of this Dying Light 2 move.

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