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We have made a guide to explain how to Get A Vial Of Ocean Water In Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What is a vial of seawater in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  This is a rare item that it is necessary to search for and that getting it is a somewhat complicated task to execute, sometimes we require certain items that allow us to increase the level of friendship or that are usually necessary to apply improvements to our items, this is one of those elements and it becomes necessary to look for him.

How to Get A Vial Of Ocean Water In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  To get him we must go to Dazzle Beach and proceed to look for any material that can shine on the ground, when we get him we will see a message on the screen that will tell us to "pick up a vial of ocean water", we just have to press the interaction button to pick him up, This is usually necessary to complete Elsa's ice mansion, in this case we must have:
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  • 1 vial of sea water that we have described the mechanics to find in the previous paragraph.
  • 2 garlic that we will get in the forage of the forest of value.
  • 2 sugar canes that we will get at Goofy's stand in Dazzle Beach.
  • 5 Sunflowers that we will get in Dazzle Beach.
  • 5 lemons that are available in the Forest of Valor.


  Having these elements we must go to the processing station and manufacture a portion of summer warmth, then we will take it to Elsa and she will apply it to our beak, which we will take to the Forest of Valor and access the ice cavern breaking the ice fragments that usually block them, this is a mission that allows us to improve our pickaxe.

  Now that you know how to Get A Vial Of Ocean Water In Disney Dreamlight Valley, it's time to embark on this task and continue progressing.

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