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Today we bring you a guide to explain How to Make Sweet Tofu in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Within the wide range of recipes that we find in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle recipe collection, we can find Sweet Tofu. This may look like just a sweet bowl of buttery sugar, however, it is described as a collection of perfect cubes which are marinated in sweet sauce.

This recipe is a lovely alternative to prepare if you are not keen on preparing meat or fish. In addition to this, Sweet Tofu is a recipe that will be simple for you as you only need a couple of ingredients for its preparation. So, join us in this guide to learn how to make this recipe and what ingredients are necessary to give it that sweet touch that makes it so special.

How to make Sweet Tofu in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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The acquisition and utilization of ingredients required to create Sweet Tofu, a two-star dessert within Disney Dreamlight Valley.


  • Soya (x1): Derived from Soybeans, a harvestable crop.
  • Fruit (x1): Any variety of fruit will suffice.

Obtaining Soya:

  • Unlock Goofy's Stall Upgrade: This enables the purchase of Soya seeds.
  • Sunlit Plateau Biome Access: Required to cultivate Soybeans.
  • Planting and Harvesting Soybeans:
    • Soybeans mature in 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Each harvest yields 3 Soya, making it a more efficient method compared to acquiring Soya from Night Thorns.

Fruit Selection:

The recipe offers flexibility when choosing the fruit component. Here are some considerations:

  • Prioritize Rarity: Utilize fruits that are less readily available or have longer growth times, such as Pineapples.
  • Thematic Consistency: For an Eternity Isle-themed dessert, consider utilizing Pineapples grown or acquired within the biome.

Combining Ingredients:

  • Access a Cooking Station within the Valley.
  • Add one portion of Soya as the base ingredient.
  • Select any desired fruit as the secondary ingredient.
  • Combine the ingredients to craft Sweet Tofu.

This is everything you need to know about How to make Sweet Tofu at Disney Dreamlight Valley, turning your experience into something more fun and exciting, daring to make this sweet and simple dish.

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