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Discover the secrets of How to complete Jafar’s Eternal Reward in Disney Dreamlight Valley and unlock a world of enchantment.

Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley, where magical quests and adventures await! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to complete Jafar's Eternal Reward quest. This exciting quest is a part of the captivating storyline in the game and requires certain prerequisites to unlock. We'll provide you with all the details you need to successfully complete this quest and continue your journey through the enchanting world of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete Jafar's Eternal Reward in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Progressing through Gaston and Rapunzel's Quests

Before embarking on Jafar's Eternal Reward quest, it's essential to complete Gaston and Rapunzel's quests in the Eternity Isle. These quests not only add depth to the storyline but also play a crucial role in obtaining the Jewels of Time. These Jewels of Time are necessary for progressing in Jafar's Eternal Reward quest. As you complete Gaston and Rapunzel's quests, make sure to collect the two remaining Jewels of Time.

Unlocking the Borderlands Region

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Once you've finished Gaston and Rapunzel's quests and obtained the Jewels of Time, it's time to unlock the Borderlands region in the Glittering Dunes biome. To unlock this region, you'll need to gather 10,000 Mists. Mists can be acquired through various methods, including removing Splinters of Fate scattered across the game world, utilizing the Royal Hourglass, or completing Mist Duties assigned by characters throughout Disney Dreamlight Valley. Choose the method that suits your gameplay style best and start gathering those Mists!

 Locating Jafar's Place and Interacting with Time Anomaly

With the Borderlands region unlocked, head towards the northernmost part of the Glittering Dunes to find Jafar's Place. This is where the next phase of the quest takes place. Explore the area and keep an eye out for Jafar's door. In front of the door, you'll find a Time Anomaly. Interact with the Time Anomaly to trigger Jafar's appearance. Be prepared for an intriguing encounter!

Conversing with Jafar and Speaking to Merlin

After interacting with the Time Anomaly, Jafar will appear and engage in a conversation with you. Pay close attention to his instructions and dialogue as they will guide you to the next step. Once the conversation with Jafar concludes, he will vanish, leaving you with a task. Now, it's time to seek out Merlin, the wise and powerful sorcerer. Merlin can be found in a specific location, depending on the current stage of the game. Follow Jafar's instructions and locate Merlin to continue the quest. Engage in a conversation with Merlin, and he will bring the Jafar's Eternal Reward quest to its conclusion.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Jafar's Eternal Reward quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This quest is not only an exciting part of the game's storyline but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Disney. By following this friendly guide, you have seamlessly progressed through the quest, unlocking new regions, interacting with intriguing characters, and acquiring valuable items along the way. We hope this guide has been helpful and that you continue to enjoy your adventures in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Stay tuned for more guides and tips to enhance your gaming experience!

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