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We have made a guide to explain how to get better DreamSnaps scores in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What to know about better DreamSnaps scores in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

It should be noted that receiving low scores can be discouraging for those of us who are dedicated DreamSnaps fans who have invested a lot of time and effort in submissions, we have compiled this guide on How to Get Better DreamSnaps Scores in Disney Dreamlight Valley to satisfy preferences and thus have a more enjoyable game.

How to get better DreamSnaps scores in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Playing with the system

The base score for each DreamSnaps weekly challenge is usually calculated based on the number of elements in our photo that meet the required and bonus requests. An example is, this week's challenge is the "Monster-sona" challenge, a clothing challenge in which we must dress our avatar in a way inspired by Monster's Inc. The required tags for this challenge are "Quirky" and" Marvelous". To successfully submit an entry, our avatar must have at least three items of clothing with the Quirky tag and four with the Wondrous tag. We must consider that clothing and accessories can share tags, allowing us to meet both requirements with a single item that has Quirky and Wondrous tags.

To achieve a better base score from the DDLV system, it is ideal to strive to maximize our labels. Wearing as many items of clothing with those tags as possible, this can be more challenging with clothing challenges, since we are limited in the number of items we can wear. Furniture-related challenges, on the other hand, are more flexible. We can place as many pieces of furniture in our photo as we want, as long as they are all visible in the shot, it is necessary to consider incorporating complementary elements from the bonus tags to greatly amplify our overall score. Without these bonus tags, we will lose a significant amount of DDLV points.

Obtaining increased votes

It should be noted that each player has their own preferences when voting. Although everyone's tastes often differ, the proclivities of an average DreamSnaps voter have been widely recognized within the community. To get more votes from other players, you need to follow these steps:

  • Stick to the designated topic.
  • Include relevant companions, such as Sulley for Monster's Inc. challenges.
  • Optimize game controls to improve lighting: Here we will use the graphics menu to adjust the "time of day". Well-lit photographs are preferable.
  • Get closer, because photos with too much unused space and lack of furniture may receive fewer votes.
  • Incorporate furniture, even for clothing challenges. Players can vote on the entire photo, regardless of the challenge.
  • It is ideal to be different, it is possible to be exposed to many similar outfits, so we will have to make an effort to stand out by incorporating an animal companion, altering the angle of the photo, customizing our avatar beyond the outfit, etc.
  • Voting, in addition to earning 50 additional moonstones, it is possible to help other players by voting for their photos.

What we should not do in this vote acquisition process:

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  • Use selective filters (the options provided by DDLV are poor and too obstructive for the photo. Unless the subject is dark in nature, it is best to avoid using them).
  • Capturing interior shots that show the space around the room in black, it is crucial to avoid taking photos in corners or zooming in to minimize the effect.
  • Rushing to write and call it a day, this only applies unless our goal is to achieve the minimum reward for the photo, it is best to avoid this approach. However, we should not spend too much time either, unless we want to!
  • Avoid taking yourself too seriously, as the weekly challenges are intended to be a fun way to earn free moonstones and participate in the social aspect of the game.
  • Use selfie mode during outfit challenges, while this can add a charming touch, players are interested to see our full outfit!
  • Avoid imitating the submissions of others, as with the rise of community groups on Facebook this has become evident, it is discouraging for the original creator of the photo, and it is certainly more rewarding to be recognized for our own submission.

Fine art photography techniques for new players

This applies if you have recently purchased Disney Dreamlight Valley and have unlocked the in-game camera, your clothing and furniture options may be somewhat limited. However, with these tips, you can improve the appearance of your photographs and make them more vibrant and dynamic:

  • Capture an angled shot and try to zoom in to minimize white space in the background.
  • Take some time to interact with the critters scattered throughout the valley, they can become adorable companions for your photographs.
  • You must be attentive to the perfect moment. You may be able to capture lightning or capture a stunning sunrise or sunset shot for a truly themed photo.
  • Promote your photo on social media platforms like Facebook or Discord groups to attract the attention of other players.
  • Consider visiting resource or gift houses to make furniture without spending hours collecting materials.
  • Please note that shipments cannot include items from the Touch of Magic collection, this is because they can be detected in the background of your photo, which can be annoying. If possible, it is best to avoid having these types of items in your photos or designate a specific area for photography away from them, any custom Touch of Magic items cannot be used in your photos.

Where to find this week's DreamSnaps challenge?

Once we have logged into the game, we will access our menu and navigate to the Events tab, where we will see "DreamSnaps" on the left, along with "Current Challenge", "Vote" and "Reward", we locate the Current Challenge option, either by scrolling down or clicking on it, to discover this week's challenge. This section will provide details on what we need to submit to participate in the challenge and get at least the minimum reward. Even if our shipment doesn't perform well during the voting/scoring phase, we will still receive 300 Moonstones, a random piece of furniture or clothing, and some Pixel Dust.

This is everything you need to know about How to get better DreamSnaps scores in Disney Dreamlight Valley. We invite you to follow our advice and thus place yourself at the top.

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