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Lidia Rozo
2020-11-09 14:18:46

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The PS5 is near its launch and this allows us to tell you How to transfer games from PS4

Do you want to play all the PS4 games on the new PS5?

  Sometimes it is possible to have the idea of enjoying some games that have been released for other consoles and that we are allowed to play them again on some newer ones, so today it is worth explaining how to transfer games from PS4, since this opens the opportunity to continue the progress we have already made and make it possible to continue in PS5.
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How to transfer games from PS4 to PS5?

There are 4 different methods that we can perform and they are the following:

Transfer game from the PS4 disc: this is an option if we have the physical game only that this leads us to have to buy the standard edition of PS5 since there we can insert said disc, because with the digital PS5 console version this is not it can be done because it has no disc slot.

  • Transfer the game directly by Lan cable: this is a process where it will be necessary to have both consoles to do it and this is done in this way:
  • Turn off the two consoles and connect them with a single Ethernet key.
  • Proceed to turn on the PS4 and wait for an update to be installed if it is pending.
  • Check that the PS5 4 can be connected via WiFi and log in to our PS4 account.
  • Proceed to pay for our PS4 without removing the Lan cable as this allows the PS5 and PS4 to be connected.
  • Next we must turn on the PS5, select the language and configure the internet as well as the installation of updates.
  • Proceed to go to our profile on the PS5 screen and log into PS5 with the same PS54 user.
  • Then we see the screen Change to this PS4, it is necessary to accept any notice and proceed to select Transfer data to this PS4.
  • We proceed to turn on our PS4 to select Next on the PS5 screen, in such a way that the console will look for a PS4 console and show us a respective message on the screen.
  • Then we press the power button on our PS4 to proceed to configure said transfer allowing the message on the screen to change for which it is necessary to select Next and that allows us to observe the ID of the PS5N account to finally select Ok.
  • Next we see a screen because knowing How to transfer games from PS4 allows us to have the possibility of transferring applications, settings and captures, once this has been chosen we press Yes to complete this process.

Using a USB hard disk: Another interesting option that we can use to know how to transfer games from PS4 are the USB hard disk and this is an easy process since it is only necessary to connect it to the PS5 and it will recognize the games so that they can run on the console being games that we can be playing on our PS4.

Use PS5N account: The PS5N account is simply interesting and vital, for this we only need to log in to PS5, it is necessary to emphasize that the new console is only compatible with PS4 which makes it possible to enjoy its games in PS5 In this sense, it is only necessary to make sure you have a WiFi connection, the detail is that you choose to download the purchase of each game from scratch, even so it is worth trying.

 Now that you know how to transfer games from PS4 it is necessary to focus on locating a game that has marked us or is simply interesting, in such a way that this allows us to enjoy it to the fullest in PS5.

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