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2021-03-25 10:16:56

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We continue our tour of Destiny 2 which allows us to tell you Where to find Optus Vocca, let's see.

Who is Optus Vocca in Destiny 2?

This is simply a VIP psionic enemy with which we get in this game, because we are involved in an area of "Strikes of the Proving Grounds" and within this we have a particular job called "Eliminate the cabal of Caiatl", where it will precisely be It is necessary to take care of a number of enemies, some are usually more complex than others, and specifically Optus Vocca is one of the most problematic.
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Where to find Optus Vocca in Destiny 2?

As time goes by, this game manages to bring us activities that are simply interesting, it usually keeps us active in the fight against enemies, now, to find this particular enemy it is necessary to take a look at the part of the strike where it is usually necessary to take charge To collect some orbs of power, the idea is to be in charge of jumping through the gap of the threads of the vehicles and reaching the second orb where said enemy will be, it is usually seen running next to more enemies and it is somewhat elusive, it is vital to stay tuned because it hides easily and regularly behind a cover, our job is to damage it and eliminate it by hitting it, as it is a task that involves playing with it until it falls.

  In general terms, knowing Where to find Optus Vocca allows us to embark on a search that is only available in Destiny 2, give it a try.

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