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2021-03-25 10:12:02

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The tasks do not end in Forager and this allows us to explain to you How to solve the desert biome battery puzzle.

What is the point of solving the desert biome battery puzzle in Forager?

  This game has a number of interesting riddles, since its objective itself usually makes us use our heads a bit to put some elements in order, which is not a bad thing, but it can be a bit tedious, however, today we We went through this small job to indicate the steps you must follow.

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How to solve desert biome battery puzzle in Forager?

This task is usually given at the beginning of the game and to do it it is necessary:


  •   Make use of some lightning source of electricity.
  • It is possible to locate the rod of thunder, the rod of storm or some thunder potion.
  • Once we have any of the elements mentioned, we must approach the battery with the Thunder effect equipped or simply proceed to hit it with a stick and in this way solve this task.
  • Once we complete the activity we are allowed to have the possibility of claiming the reward.


Definitely knowing How to Solve the Desert Biome Battery Puzzle allows us to embark on a quick rarity early on in Forager.

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