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Valorant is a very lively game, and today he leads us to discover How to ping to locate enemies.

Why ping to locate enemies in Valorant?

It is something that can make things easier for us in the game, which allows us to ping the rival team and inform our teammates, so for this purpose it is ideal that it is our understanding How to ping to locate enemies and that is where enters the purpose of this guide, which is to guide us in this regard, let's look carefully at the following content.

How to ping to locate enemies in Valorant?

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    We have to just press the Z we can ping the enemies, this becomes the default button for it, although if we want we can make a change, the function of this is to warn our teammates of the proximity of the enemies Another way to use this function is to put a spike bomb on the map, making its components disperse and when entering the mini map we can move the mouse over the bomb icon and this will present us with the option ping that will allow our partner to know the location of the enemy, even with the option of the ping wheel it is possible to access other commands with greater specification, the point is that pinging allows us to mark and notify our colleagues, achieving a great benefit in communication compared to chat as a function.

    Knowing how to ping to locate enemies is interesting because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Valorant.

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