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We welcome you to our Destiny 2 Beyond Light guide where we will talk about how to get a real chase.

What to know about a real chase in Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

It is a legendary rifle that we are going to be able to access, only that we have to unlock it in the line of the season pass at rank 30, it has an accuracy of 180rpm, equipped with The Dragonfly Perks, which allows us to help in the PVE activities, the impact of this weapon is 62 and with the aim of 63 in assistance, while it also has range, stability, good handling, reload speed and if inventory is around 50, standing out among all the handling that you get to have with this, now is the time to learn how to get a real chase, so let's follow the following text to find the answers.

How to get a real chase in Destiny 2 Beyond Light?
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It is necessary to achieve rank 30 to be able to collect this weapon, regardless of whether the season pass, this was presented in season 12 and actually consists of an exclusive reward, where you can make the choice of it, taking into account that the thing obtained by the season pass is an outstanding and decent God Roll PVE, which has an arrowhead brake, Flared Magwell and Automatic Loading Sleeve, its advantage lies in the threshing, since you can eliminate the opponents with the generation of Super energy charges by this, being drawn very quickly and through the detection of existing threats, it is important to see that the appropriate configuration for the real pursuit has to be the corkscrew or the compensator of camera in the barrel slot or in the magazine, while it is possible to increase the loading speed with the Flared Magwell, or have more charges with the Precision Round or Attached Mag, another way to obtain this weapon is Through the Rat Horn Hunt, where the 180rpm will allow us more playing time with the weapon reached a couple of seasons, if we want to use this weapon it is the only possibility.

Knowing how to get a real chase is interesting, as it allows us to develop and have more fun in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

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