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With our World of Warcraft Shadowlands guide you will learn more about How to get halls of atonement secret treasure.

What to know about the secret treasure of the halls of atonement in World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

This kind of treasure makes its appearance in different places such as in the expansion rooms, where there are 2 of this kind of treasures in the area, taking into account that access to them is different for each one, which makes It is necessary that our understanding be given How to obtain the secret treasure of the rooms of atonement and is what the following content offers us, let's follow it.

How to get halls of atonement secret treasure in World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

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The first: it was found at 73.8446.32, where we found a jammed door that hinders access to it, in order to reach it it is necessary to complete the optional argument called the Final Atonement, which consists of a search called the abuse of power, reaching the end of this once we obtain it with the mission it used to be calm, after that our steps must be to 73.0547.28, where a dredge hammer is found on the back of a vase , with this hammer it is possible for us to access the first treasure by going through the door, we only interact with it and obtain the rewards.

The second: the location of this is at 66.6442.74, which is blocked, which leads us to have the interaction with the flickering candle that is located on the wall of 65.6742.96, thus achieving a part of the floor opening In this case of not doing this interaction, it is required to complete missions then in Rvendreth before being able to reach the treasure, the point is that having access to the hole in the floor, we will arrive at an underground path that takes us to a small chamber in the Since the treasure is behind an altar on the far wall, you need to kill some enemies to get to the treasure.

In this way we finalize our World of Warcraft Shadowlands guide, now you know how to get halls of atonement secret treasure, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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