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2020-11-30 06:52:05

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As we progress in Among Us we are presented with more things to do and with this, it is possible to know How to get proximity chat

What is proximity chat in Among Us?

This without a doubt is a mod that we must install to talk with some players who may be nearby, and knowing how to get proximity chat allows us to have the possibility of using it both as companions and as imposters.
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How to get proximity chat on Among Us?

 The first thing we need to do is to download and install the proximity chat mod, for our good fortune it is possible to access it thanks to @Ottomated, once we have downloaded this mode that is in Giyhub we proceed to carry out its respective installation of the .exe file, so that this leads us to install the CrewLink Among Us mod, once open proceed to play a game in such a way that it is possible to host it or choose to join one, this process usually works to play with friends, always and when they have carried out the same process since it is necessary to install the mod and use it to verify that it really works.

 This proximity chat may contain some bugs as it is a normal matter, and @Ottomad has reported that there is a possibility of getting us with a problem, which tells us No connection or infinite scope for which it is only necessary to choose to press CRTL-R in CrewLink as it can make the application refresh, however it is possible to consider:

  •      May we all have the latest version of Among Us.
  •     Check that the microphone has been detected by the mod.
  •     Check that the keyboard has been detected by the mod.


 With this proximity chat, it is possible to:

  •      Use it both companions and impostors.
  •     In the case of colleagues, it allows us to discuss the clues to find a possible imposter.
  •     Talk to players leaving emergency meetings aside.
  •     In the case of being impostors, it allows us to be more intelligent.
  •     It is possible to play with several imposters.


Now that you know how to get proximity chat, it's time to download and install it and enjoy all the fun that it brings in Among Us.

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