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Our work at Crusader Kings 3 allows us to do some interesting activities and for this it is vital to know how to create alliances

What can we expect from Crusader Kings 3?

  This is not more than the third installment that comes loaded with more work, more struggle and more desire to expand our territory, because the conquest is simply a detail that is carried in the blood and for this it is necessary to know how to create alliances even when you are They can become somewhat complex, however, they are the only option we have to survive in a medieval era, where those who benefit are simply the rulers, here it is necessary to be intelligent, because intrigue and the thirst for power will be at the command of the day, which allows us to have some family members who can have some influence and are able to forge some alliances since our military power is important and it does not usually come from our kingdom.
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    How to create alliances in Crusader Kings 3?

     Alliances generally tend to occur when we get marriages between members of our direct family, which includes children, nephews and cousins, since the grandchildren usually get some interesting deals, we could also choose other relatives only that for this it is necessary to be careful as far as to the line of succession, but all the time things go perfectly, as the nations that are normally more powerful will hardly accept an agreed marriage, which leads us to take a first look at our expectations to see if the nation is or is not interested in fostering an alliance.

     To know How to create alliances through an arranged marriage, it is necessary to click with the right button of the mouse on a character, then proceed to select Find Spouse or Arrange Marriage, this will allow us to visualize the probable candidates, then we proceed to filter the alliance when We display the menu, here we can only see the nations that are interested in making alliances with us in Crusader Kings 3, because if no one appears on the list it simply means that they have not accepted our conditions.

     Knowing how to create alliances is a simply urgent task in this game, for which it is necessary to take a look at the possibilities of marrying close heirs, because here we get some alternatives that may not be favorable, which leaves us before these options in Crusader Kings 3.


    •  It is only possible to marry close heirs until they are older.
    • Having multiple alliances in this game makes building new alliances difficult.
    • Alliances usually end when a ruler dies, it only continues if one of the spouses becomes the new ruler.
    • A favorable option for getting alliances is by marrying members who may be down in the line of succession.
    • Marrying a female relative who is down in our line of succession may be feasible to establish alliances, it is also ideal that this child, product of the union, be born in our house.

    It is important to make clear that the allies will not go to war with us if they are aligned with other nations or are simply vassals, which may be feasible to keep them at bay, it is necessary to know how to create alliances because these are necessary to achieve our objective of expand the territory in Crusader Kings 3, this is necessary since there are superior enemy forces, it is also necessary to consider that invoking alliances can cost us some prestige when we are attackers, something that does not usually happen in case of finding ourselves defending.

     Checking the alliances in Crusader Kings 3 allows us to take a look at the panel that is located on the right, as there we see some banners and statements, in addition to the banners of our allies which it will be necessary to summon when we go to a battle and it will only be enough with click with the right mouse button on its respective flag.

     This is all you need to know about How to create alliances, just worry about achieving some marriages that may be favorable for you, because it is important to be prepared in Crusader Kings 3 since the fight for power and territory is simply important.

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