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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-03 20:23:56

More about: Crusader Kings 3

We have made for you a guide to Crusader Kings 3 where we are going to talk to you about How to change a feudal contract, let's see.

What is a feudal contract in Crusader Kings 3?

  This is a documented agreement that has a series of particular characteristics that must be fulfilled and to which feudal vassals are subject, sometimes this requires some modifications and therefore it is necessary to know how to change a feudal contract based on the following characteristics, which are:


  •   Here it is necessary to consider the taxes paid by the vassals.
  • The rights that vassals may have.
  • The actions necessary to declare war.
  • The revocation of titles granted by the ruler is contemplated.
  • The declaration of war is contemplated.

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How to change a feudal contract in Crusader Kings 3?

 The option to make these changes is in our hands and especially at any time that we consider it necessary, but it is important to be careful because it is possible that if we spend more than normal they can see us as tyrants and this is not favorable for our reputation and prestige as rulers.

 The modifications must be made in a partial way, because bending by force can have a negative impact on our faith and causes some unfavorable impact on other rulers who follow our religion, to the point that some vassals may become afraid of us, which simply is. very bad for us, because they could gather an amount and rise up against us, generating an internal war that could leave us vulnerable to other rulers, it is possible to change some sections of the contract, perhaps implying an increase in taxes, but all in a gradual and not very strong to keep them at bay in our territory.

 It is good to hope to win a weak hook with a vassal to proceed to make changes in the feudal contract, as this will allow us to do them some kind of favor that can serve as a hook for the modification, which may involve the collection of taxes with a slight increase, this weak hook being an excellent way to implement changes in the laws.

 The vassals are those who have a feudal contract and this is modified as follows:


  •  We come to the green crown located on the right side of our UI.
  • We click on it and select intermediate category.
  • We proceed to choose the Feudal option to see which vassals have contracts.
  • We right-click on a vassal.
  • Then under Vasallaje and Court we will see the option to modify the agreement.

 This is all you need to know about how to change a feudal contract as it is simply important to be balanced at Crusader Kings 3 to avoid losing face.

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