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Crusader Kings 3 allows us to count on marriage to forge alliances and that is why today it is important to know how to get married.

What is the advantage of getting married at Crusader Kings 3?

Marriage is an important activity that we can do here, as this has several implications, on the one hand it is necessary to procreate future heirs, on the other hand to strengthen alliances with other kingdoms, a marriage has advantages and disadvantages and it depends on us the turn that we can give him, because this allows us to use him in some circumstances that may perhaps become somewhat complex and thus achieve a peace even when it is temporary.
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    How to get married in Crusader Kings 3?

    Here there are two particular ways to do it and they are the following:

    Marry through an arranged marriage.

    To marry in this way it is necessary to take a look at our options, and for this it is important to open the list of possible couples with different chips from around the world, as this could be feasible with the courtiers since it would allow us to strengthen an alliance with the Court, it is important to consider the level that we have because the higher levels will hardly accept arranged marriages, this is an important option to strengthen alliances.

    Get married looking for the right spouse.

    This is an option that allows us to achieve some limits in terms of alliances, skills and personality, since it is enough to choose the character with whom we want to marry and he will choose to accept or not to do so, sometimes this cannot happen but we have the possibility of forcing it and for this it is important to use a Strong Hook or a Weak Hook, this can be important if we are looking for several heirs and it is important to take a look at the fertility rate, since it is not possible to have a single heir already that this world can sometimes be quite cruel for the youngest, which leads us to consider getting married and procreating several children, since we cannot deposit all power in a single heir, which implies knowing how to marry by choosing a character option that may give us the satisfaction of several sons as successors.

     Definitely knowing How to get married places us before two interesting and important options, only that we can choose the one that suits us best at the end of everything we are the ones who are controlling Crusader Kings 3.

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