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Our journey through Crusader Kings 3 has arrived and with it the possibility of knowing How to declare war, let's see.

What does Crusader Kings 3 bring us?

  This is a game that allows us to relive the action of the process of conquering territories, because here the power struggle and the conservation of the dynasty take place, since this allows us to reach alliances to choose to carry out expansions of our lands as well such as the possibility of obtaining military support, ideal when it comes to knowing how to declare war with an enemy faction.
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    How to declare war on Crusader Kings 3?

     This is a process that occurs specifically in three parts and these are:

    •  Choosing a reason to go to war or Casus Belis: Going to war is one of the things that we can do here and this can be due to the dispute of some territory or simply for a title, which allows us to choose a Casus Bell or rather, a reason to go to war, only that for this it is necessary to consider in the first instance, the army with which we can count, the allies that we have and above all analyze who we are attacking, after these conclusions if necessary choose to hit the final declaration of war button and prepare for what's to come in Crusader Kings 3.
    • Go to war: Knowing how to declare war allows us to put ourselves one step ahead even when our adversary may be formidable, some wars can be difficult enough and this is due to the capacity of the armies, therefore having a number of allies It can simply put us in a good position, it is also necessary to slow down the game while we are in the war, because this is a space in which it is important to learn some rules related to war. It is necessary to understand that this war may not be clearly linked to a total war, but the mere possibility of having declared war already makes us have to fight with all our strength to achieve victory, make important decisions even when the level of the conflict is not very large, it is necessary to besiege the castle of our adversary for which we will have to mobilize our troops because these are some simple tasks that will allow us to win.
    • End a war: Every beginning has an end, declaring a war and carrying it out has an end, whether it is positive or it does not have to end, because here the panorama is different according to the culmination of the war in Crusader Kings 3, there are those who are interested in winning easily and it is valid only that for this it is necessary to use some traps which is not really worthwhile but is equally feasible, another option may be to Surrender, because sometimes we are not up to the task and we do not have the capacity and necessary support, so surrendering in an action that can culminate a conflict that we cannot win, although if we are somewhat more rational, it is possible to opt for the White Peace, which is a more rational decision and both parties that are in conflict.

     Definitely, knowing how to declare war is a complex but necessary activity and we can execute it in Crusader Kings 3, because sometimes we have no choice but to fight to solve any problem.

    Microsoft Windows PC, Linux, macOS
    Grand strategy, role-playing
    Paradox Development Studio
    Paradox Interactive
    Clausewitz 2 + Jomini
    Release date:
    1 September 2020
    Single-player, Multiplayer

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