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Crusader Kings 3 has come to keep us in a process of expansion of the territory and this allows us to talk about How to win a war

What does the war represent in Crusader Kings 3?

 This is the most important option that we know about here to achieve a process of conquering territories and dominance, because for this it is important to have as many allies as possible, because together with them we can minimize possible threats, since the fight for The power to reach the highest level causes some problems to exist, such as the probable claims that a vassal may make to us on some territory that we may be controlling, which makes us understand that knowing how to truly win a war is an important task.

 The size of the army of each side can be viewed when we click on the banner, there we see the two primary houses and we are shown how powerful they are, it is also good to know that the main house that we face in a war will choose have its flag as a banner in Crusader Kings 3, it will only be necessary to stop on the right side of our screen to take a look at the war score, where we will see that if it is positive we are winning but on the contrary if it is negative we will be losing.
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    How to win a war in Crusader Kings 3?

     It is important to consider that both we and our allies usually contribute to achieve a general score in the war of our side, for this it is necessary to pay attention to these three interesting and necessary options to end a war.

    •  Enforce demands: One of the important tasks when it comes to knowing how to win a war is to get the attacker to meet our demands, because for this the attacker must do what the defender wants in Crusader Kings 3, with this we are given the opportunity to get more land and make those we are fighting our vassals, this is an option that can only be implemented when our war score is usually above 90 percent.
    • Surrender: One option that we can get in this game is the possibility of surrendering to a war, as this allows us to ensure that our allies do not suffer, it is possible to surrender at any time which makes us lose prestige, pay gold, deliver the disputed lands and give in before the victor's demands.
    • Get the White Peace: This is the best option we can get in this game, because all the allies gain prestige for the result of the war, this action can be carried out when we have more than 30 percent of the score, in this option it is possible If the attackers renounce the prestige for having had the war, both parties can keep their lands. It is important to consider that the objectives of the war can be displayed at the bottom for which it is necessary to click on the banner, since the central part of our screen tells us exactly why we are fighting and with this it is possible to observe the main objectives, because sometimes the objectives of a war can change, the important thing in all this is to increase the score, because knowing how to win a war allows us to choose to claim everything we have managed to obtain during battles, to ensure that our demands are met, get counties and claim victories.


     To increase the score it is necessary:


    •  Win battles.
    • Occupy enemy property.
    • Keep them war targets.
    • Capture prisoners.


     In general terms, knowing how to win a war allows us to get allies and reach a high level of titles in Crusader Kings 3, because in the end this is what is really worth it here.

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