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Angel Marquez
2020-09-04 16:22:43

More about: Crusader Kings 3

Today we bring you a Crusader Kings 3 guide in which we are going to explain you about All cheat commands

 We find ourselves before the possibility of facing a series of challenges within our reach thanks to a strategy game such as Crusader Kings 3, there are some complications that we will have to progress but there is the possibility that this will change with some reinforcement in some tricks, for this We will have in this guide All the cheat commands, let's see the content that will be presented here to understand what is necessary.


What to know about All cheat commands in Crusader Kings 3?

 It is necessary that we access the debugging mode through Steam, this in order to enter All the cheat commands, it is important that in the console window that we will find here we do it, we only have to click on Crusader Kings 3 in the library with the right mouse button, we are going to go to properties and make the choice of launch options, it is vital that we enter -debug_mode in the general tab when a window opens, if to access the title we have used the Microsoft store or the Game Xbox Pass we will have to do the execution of commands: start shell: AppsFolderParadoxInteractive.ProjectTitus_zfnrdv2de78ny! App -debug_mode, in this way we will be able to enter all the cheat commands that will help us in Crusader Kings 3, let's move on seeing more relevant details.

How to enter All cheat commands in Crusader Kings 3?

 We must open the console window to enter the commands, for this we will press Shift 2, Shift 3, Alt 2 1, or Shift Alt C, this after we have entered the game in debugging mode, additionally there are some considerations to follow and these are that it is not necessary that we enter a character ID for the trap to have an effect on the player, to subtract the values ​​they can be set to negative and it is possible that the ids are revealed when using the tab, let's now see All the cheat commands in Crusader Kings 3.
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What are all the cheat commands in Crusader Kings 3?

 Let's see the commands to enter in the following list:


  •  The management skill: set_stewardship [amount] [character id]
  • The intrigue skill: set_intrigue [amount] [character id]
  • Learning skill: set_learning [amount] [character id]
  • Dexterity ability: set_prowess [amount] [character id]
  • Accept the proposals of the AI ​​characters: yesmen
  • Martial skill: set_martial
  • Diplomatic skill: set_diplomacy [amount] [character id]
  • Stress: set_stress [amount] [character id]
  • Sexual orientation: set_sexuality [sexuality id] [character id]
  • The nickname: set_nick [nickname] [character id]
  • The focus: set_focus [focus id] [character id]
  • Faith: set_faith [faith id] [character id]
  • The fear: set_dread [amount] [character id]
  • Culture: set_culture [culture id] [character id]
  • Trait removal: remove_traid [traid id] [character id]
  • Relation removal: remove_relation [relation id] [character id]
  • The current nickname remove: remove_nick [character id]
  • Remove the doctrine of faith: remove_doctrine [doctrine id] [faith id]
  • A pregnant character: pregnancy [character id] [character id]
  • Culture change: merge_culture [culture id] [culture id]
  • Against the player character you learn all the schemes: know_schemes
  • Kill character: Kill [character id]
  • Entry into character era: join_era [era id] [character id]
  • One day long pregnancies: instant_birth
  • In one day all properties and buildings are completed: instabuild
  • Add gold: gold [amount]
  • A title: give_title [title id] [character id]
  • All the lifestyle benefits: gain_all_perks [character id]
  • All Dynasty Profits: gain_all_dynasty_perks [character id]
  • The event starts: event [event id]
  • Against the player character all schemes will be finished: End_Schemes
  • Add prestige to dynasty: dynasty_prestige [amount] [dinasty id]
  • For character culture innovation: discover_innovation [innovatio is] [character id]
  • Current Facinations: discover_fascination [character id]
  • Innovations of era: discover_era [era id]
  • All innovations: discover_all_eras [character id]
  • Remove traits: clear_traits [character id]
  • Remove title laws: clear_title_laws [title id]
  • You remove the modifiers: clear_character_modifiers [character id]
  • Add dexterity ability: change_prowess [amount] [character id]
  • Add learning skill: change_learning [amount] [character id]
  • Add intrigue skill: change_intrigue [amount] [character id]
  • Add admin skill: change_stewardship [amount] [character id]
  • Add martial skill: change_martial [amount] [character id]
  • Add diplomatic skill: change_diplomacy [amount] [icharacter id]
  • Add fervor: change_fervor [amount] [fervor id]
  • Add development: change_development_level [amount] [county id]
  • Culture change: change_culture [county id] [culture id]
  • Add XP Lifestyle Learning: add_learning_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id]
  • Add lifestyle XP intrigue: add_intrigue_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id]
  • Add XP lifestyle management: add_stewardship_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id]
  • Add Marital Life Lifestyle XP: add_martial_lifestyle_xp [amount [character id]
  • Add to all XP diplomacy lifestyles: add_diplomacy_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id]
  • Add to all XP lifestyles: add_lifestyle_xp_all [amount] [character id]
  • Add a trait: add_trait [trait id] [character id]
  • Add law to title: add_title_law [title id] [law id]
  • Add stress: add_stress [amount] [character id]
  • Add secret: add_secret [secret id]
  • Add relation: add_relation [relation id] [character id]
  • Add law: add_realm_law_skip_effects [law id] [character id]
  • Law approval: add_realm_law [law id] [character id]
  • Add prestige: add_prestige [amount]
  • Add piety: add_piety [amount]
  • Add advantage: add_perk [perk id] [character id]
  • Add a regiment of men at arms: add_maa [regiment id] [character id]
  • Add fear: add_dread [amount] [character id]
  • Add the faith doctrine: add_doctrine [doctrine id] [faith id]
  • Title claim with right: add_claim [title id] [character id]
  • Add age: age [amount [character id]


 Finally, now that we know all the cheat commands we can take advantage of the benefits they bring, let's move on to Crusader Kings 3

Microsoft Windows PC, Linux, macOS
Grand strategy, role-playing
Paradox Development Studio
Paradox Interactive
Clausewitz 2 + Jomini
Release date:
1 September 2020
Single-player, Multiplayer

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