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2020-09-14 11:19:12

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Knowing how to choose a new capital is simply a necessary task that we must do in Crusader Kings 3, this is what you should know.

What does Crusader Kings 3 have for us?

  This is a game where action and strategy are the order of the day, here we get some interesting resources that can allow beginners to have knowledge about how to be kings, and with this to rule with some peace of mind, because we are immersed in a medieval dynasty and it is necessary to know how to govern which is necessary to know how to choose a new capital, which is a basic mechanic but in some circumstances can end up being confusing.
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How to choose a new capital in Crusader Kings 3?

 The first thing we need is to choose a place, because it does not matter to whom we have declared war, it is necessary to find a settlement and it is only possible to do it while within the player's kingdom, which leads us to do it only to be governed by us, Having another leader do it is simply not the option, here it is necessary to have some elements that are small enough and in some cases they may be invisible since they tend to change pastures, as this allows us to know that knowing how to choose a new capital is not a task easy but if necessary, for this it is important to take special care when obtaining the parchment where it is possible to locate:


  •  A boy icon of a bronze or brown crown.
  • A small icon of an arrow next to the title of possession.
  • An icon of a blue crown next to a picture of a pen and ink bottle.


 Once you know how to choose a new capital, it is time to move the capital, this is simple as long as we do things well, for this it is necessary to move the kingdom to this holding company when we have located the button and just click on Move, we proceed to confirm in case we have been trapped in some small text boxes and user interface icons, as every error in Crusader Kings 3 is simply fatal.

 Now that you know how to choose a new capital it is time to try to move your kingdom and see that it is important to opt for new settlements whatever the circumstance in Crusader Kings 3.

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