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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-07-09 16:56:57

Guide to learn how to heal in CrossCode

  As mentioned in other sections, CrossCode presents itself as a retro-inspired action RPG with a pixel art style, which will now be released for Nintendo Switch this month, when until now it was only available on Steam for PCs.

Players will be able to explore a huge MMORPG-style world called CrossWorlds, fight a variety of combat encounters, and solve puzzles in mini dungeons. Due to all the adventures you can be involved in, it is important to learn how to heal in the game, and for that we created this article to help those who are still discovering this game.

How to heal in CrossCode?

The truth is, it takes a little while before you get access to some basic features like healing. Once you have completed the tutorial levels and reach CrossWorlds for the first time, you will be thrown into your first dungeon.

They will show you a series of puzzles to solve, once you succeed and get your first pieces of equipment, you will get access to the quick menu and the character menu, and finally you will have the ability to restore health. Press the - button to bring up your menu and choose Inventory, then heal it with a healing item.

On the other hand, in case you are in the middle of a battle, you can, press ZL to bring up the quick menu, press up on the d-pad to select your items, then choose a healing item from there.

Please note that while fighting enemies and bosses, you can also regain their health. Defeated enemies sometimes release green orbs that heal you, and depleting a boss health bar will also heal you a bit. This means that if at any time you run out of restoration elements when you are in a difficult situation.

 Now that you know how to heal in CrossCode you will be able to avoid an early death in the game and thus proceed without interruption. Good luck!

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