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Outward The Soroboreans is a very busy game and it will take us to discover how to obtain speedster skills.

  We have that through a DLC we will have a new skill tree in Outward The Soroboreans, with which we can see How to obtain speedster skills, which puts us at the mercy of the content that is presented in this explanatory guide, being necessary to pay close attention , Then let's do it.

What to know about speedster skills in Outward The Soroboreans?

The city of Harmattan should be the way to go, in order to learn the speedster skills, taking into account that the DLC is mandatory to access these when talking to Serge Battleborn, in normal game it will not be possible to obtain them, being these the universal, advance and specialization, having these details of vital importance in all, we will now turn to see How to obtain speedster skills, let's continue reading the next content.
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How to get speedster skills in Outward The Soroboreans?

The universal ones

  • Metabolic Purge: 100 Silver is required to obtain this ability, which will allow our resistance to corruption to be increased by 10 percent.
  • Probe: We will have this ability for attacks that are low impact thus allowing increased alert levels for each of the hits, the stronger they are the higher the alert level, so we have this ability we need 50 Silver , with a cooling of 0.5s and the resistance to wear is 0.75.
  • Efficiency: With 50 Silver we obtain this ability, thus achieving an increase in our resistance of 25 when learning it.


 Those of Advancement

  • Reckless: 500 Silver is necessary, with which we can lower the cooldowns by 10 percent for each alert level of the skills.


 Those of Specialization

  •  Anticipation: it is necessary to have 600 Silver, with this we will be able to anticipate by 2 levels of alert for our physical protection
  • Blitz: 600 Silver are necessary to access it, with which we will increase our speed by 5 percent and by 10 percent in attack alert level.
  • Infallible Reading: 600 Silver is necessary for this ability, which has the characteristic of a 120s cooldown, with which an alert level will be eliminated and the following blow will be canceled for 20 seconds.
  • Prime: You will also need 600 Silver, where it has a cooldown of 500s, with this it will be eliminated at 2 alert levels and for the next 3 minutes the cooldown of the next skill will be restarted.

 Finally, now that we know how to get speedster skills, we can move forward in Outward The Soroboreans.

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