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Angel Marquez
2020-07-09 16:53:51

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With our Destiny 2 guide you will learn more about how to get the raid ring in precise detail.

What to know about the raid ring in Destiny 2?

We will have the possibility of winning the raid ring, this will be in addition to all the rewards we will get from the Raids, without the weekly limits being present, to help us we will have the support of the content of this guide, with the In order to explain how to obtain the raid ring with details, let's pay close attention to see what it brings us.
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How to get raid ring on Destiny 2?

The Raids that are back and we must complete are 5, these being the crown of sorrows, feeders of worlds, leviathan, scourge of the past and the school of the stars, are here available due to the event moments of triumphs 2020, once we managed to complete all the Raids we will get the raid ring, which in itself is a collector's item alluding to the end of the 5 Raids, featuring a design of a skull with a sword running through it, its manufacture was made of sterling silver solid artisan, this ring if we want to get it if we go through the challenge that the Raids represent we have to pay $ 750,000, being a somewhat absurd way so the first option is better to achieve our goal here, there is much more to see from this update due to the innovations added with it.

 Finally, now that we have an idea of ​​how to get the raid ring, we can continue having fun in Destiny 2.

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