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Normally ascending becomes an interesting activity and in Black Survival it is not different, let's see how to go up in rank

Why rank up at Black Survival?

  The most ideal is to survive because we are on the island with an immense amount of dangers, so it is necessary to know how to rise in rank, counting on the fact that we will have to fight to learn some statistics, as well as the possibility of developing certain skills that we allow them to come out unscathed, in addition to having a little more peace of mind when playing thanks to the Sissela kit since it allows penalizing enemies who may be more violent in Black Survival.
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How to rank up in Black Survival?

In order to raise the rank it is necessary to consider some relevant aspects and these are the following:


 The Result of Research: The first thing we need to consider to know how to raise the range is to create some research result and use it as Sissela.

Activate the healing cell: This is presented only to improve the capacity of the Sissela tank globally, since it has an improvement of 15 percent as long as the HP can be less than 30 percent.

Autolysis of the substance of fatigue: Normally in a game Sissela does not require rest to heal. However, the main concern comes when it runs out of resistance at Black Survival, because what Autolysis does is to recover resistance at 1 when it is able to rest.

Improving immunity: Obviously knowing how to rank up turns out to be an extremely necessary task, it is precisely necessary to achieve this maximum HP improvement when starting the combat by placing it at 5, this has some interesting characteristics that we should consider avoiding because they can give Sissela 10HP after achieving level 12 and they are:

 It is necessary to try to survive until reaching a later stage in a game, because the acquired immunity can risk the game in a certain way.

It is possible to build our team a little more quickly, allowing us some savings, as it can cause our game to become somewhat late and strong for Sissela because the ICN can allow us to press faster without having to heal.

The Prophet's Turban: There is the possibility of replacing this element with some object of a fallen enemy, because this could be better, it is only an initial earpiece.

 The Sunset Armor: It is a fairly easy object to make in Black Survival it has two bonuses and they are:

HP bond that can give us synergizes with the Sissela passive.

Secondary first aid bonus.

The Team: It is necessary to consider marking some elements that allow us to avoid worrying about some injuries or defects in the weapons, since they allow us to build a route in our game, thus allowing us to be protected from damage.

The Electron Destroyer: Our task of knowing how to rise in rank allows us to consider knowing and being comfortable with routes, as this is simply a weapon that does not need to recharge or break, allowing it to cause fairly decent damage.

Uchiwa: It is an element that has an interesting objective and is to block the damage caused by the Eye of Horus, since it allows the damage to be considerably reduced.


 Sissela allows us to survive and win to choose to be a certain character, because the idea is to have a high rank, because this allows us to have some skills that allow us to win with a little more ease, since the most ideal is to be in the low places, to make this game a little more entertaining.

 This is all you need to know about how to rank up, as obviously some interesting features in Black Survival are required to consider.

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