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Today we bring you a guide on How to level up because this is simply necessary while we are in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Why level up at Kingdom Hearts Dark Road?

Normally knowing how to level up allows us to get more agile, because it is a combat game with cards where obviously we have some new characters, all immersed in the world of the island and although this process of leveling up can be normally slow vital take it However, there are some components that will allow us to carry out this fairly simple task.

How to level up in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road?

The first thing that we must be clear about is that this is simply a process that can be slow but for this it is necessary to have BP and this is done by cultivating BP and this can be done as follows.

The world battles.

This is a way to cultivate BP, this process is moderately slow, easily with that Xehanort is simply forced to face some amount of enemies infinitely, it is possible to activate it while we sleep, because when we wake up we will see some considerable amount of BP and for this it will be It is necessary to automatically start world battles Auto Battle to start the fight.

The BP Quest event.

To carry it out it is necessary to obtain a search key, since it is who allows us to access said event, the detail here is that it is only allowed to fight against 5 enemies for each time we access the event, because this easily allows us to win a maximum of 50,000 BP during a session, and here we will see ourselves in the option of facing:
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  • Gift Shadows to get 1,000 BP.
  • Gold tricoloma to obtain 10,000 BP.

How to level up Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road?

It is necessary to take into account that the BP is a necessary element to level up and this can be used with Xehanort, since it will only be necessary to touch the statistics button on our screen that allows us to see the deck of cards that we have. At the moment, as well as the amount of BP, we just press the button located on top of HP and we will use BP to give our character a little more power.

This is all there is to doing at Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, since you will know how to level up is a vital task if we really want to be the best where the strategy card system and action are important components.

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