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We have for you today a Kingdom Hearts Dark Road guide, in which our purpose is to explain how to get more cards.

  In Kingdom Hearts Dark Road we find that the deck is not complete, so it will be necessary for us to know how to get more cards, which allows us to have a deck that leads us to win, with the content that is presented in that guide we will have the details to help us capitalize on the cards, let's go ahead and see more details.

What to know about the cards in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road?

The importance of cards in this game are everything, through them we will cause damage, heal, heal states like poison and much more, so it is important that we get to get more cards and thus lead to improved levels of In order for the effects they cause to be more effective, continuing with the reading is vital to find more answers, let's do it then.

How to get more cards in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road?

We have 2 possibilities that will help us obtain more cards, it is certainly not something that is complicated and for this we have the following:

Through the Store: It is the most logical option for us to obtain more cards, only here we will have a free draw every day or with which we spend 300 jewels we can access one card and up to 3000 jewels for 10 cards, the Higher spending is not indicative that we will get better cards, it is possible that only with 300 jewels we have an outstanding card, being in this way better to get a good card than to spend for less, through tickets we can also access the cards, Considering that it is not a coin with the proper quality, a ticket is for a single letter.

Through the missions: We now have that the missions allow us to get new cards, an example of this is that when we beat 20,000 enemies we will get the Darkside Heartless card, this is possible with the battle bus.


 What to do to get the most out of the cards in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road?

What we will do first is select the ones that are the best, when the number of cards we have is sufficient, we will receive duplicates, allowing passive effects to begin to be unlocked, maximizing a card goes through the duplicates, in this way a fusion is made with the version with the highest capacity in terms of the level that the card has and thus it will be increased, for the first 10 duplicates this option is possible, achieving the result of better effectiveness and effects, now then from this point when going to duplicate 11 will have no result on the card, the card being transformed into BP or SP.

 This way we get to the end of our Kingdom Hearts Dark Road guide now you know how to get more cards just enjoy it to the fullest.

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