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If you're wondering how to get implants and customize V at Cyberpunk 2077, you came to the right place because we already have it covered.

What are Cyberpunk 2077 implants for?

It is one of the most wanted cyber software that allows you to create a style of play that you enjoy, and experiment with the various cyberware that you find in Night City.

Implants are part of V's body, but despite starting with standard implants, you will be able to install rarer implants in the grooves later.

You should know that there are five levels of rarity common, rare, rare, epic, and legendary.

How to get implants and customize V in Cyberpunk 2077?

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In order to obtain this software you will have to search it in the ripperdoc clinics of Night City and it will have multiple fragments that you can use that provide different effects and can fall into the active, activated and passive categories.

Active abilities are weapon-like and must be activated, activated ones will activate when conditions are met, and passive ones provide benefits without player action.

This is not the only cyber software in the game, other names that stand out are Mantis Blade that will allow you to improve melee attacks by giving V blades that protrude from the forearm, Blood Pump that will allow you to improve healing, Microtors that will It will improve the speed and precision of movement, among others.

 This has been our entire article on how to get implants and customize V in Cyberpunk 2077, so now that you know how to get implants and all the benefit you can get from them, you can get it as soon as possible.

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