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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-01 17:32:43

Today we are going to explain how to get more BP in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, let's see.

How to get more BP in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road?

It is necessary to consider that there are only two ways to achieve it and they are as follows.

The world battles.

This is an option to obtain more BP, it is the most ideal option but also the one that implies a little more time, since it is necessary to consider the best moment and it is exactly when we sleep, taking into account that the time necessary to sleep is at least about 8 hours and when we get up it is possible to get a considerable amount of BP, this means that it will be necessary to turn off the configuration that makes our phone sleep, so it will be on as long as it is possible for Xenahort to manage to increase blood pressure, then it will be necessary to press the back arrow at the top to return to the main screen as soon as we have earned more BP.

This is a game where the possibility of gaining experience turns out to be an extremely necessary task since we are talking about combat, in addition to having a number of impressive enemies.

What is the BP Quest key event in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road?

To find out how to get more BP, it is simply ideal to have this option because in just one event it is possible to obtain an amount of 50 thousand with the amount of time that is equivalent to a minute or perhaps less, because here we can get some enemies that They can be defeated with just one hit, and these usually appear in the Gift Shadows event that can give us around 1000 BP or simply The Golden Trocoloma with which it is possible to obtain 10,000 BP.

This is all you need to know about How to get more BP since it is obviously a fundamental factor to progress through Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

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