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Today we bring you a Biomutant guide where we plan to tell you how to fix the black screen and stuck on loading.

What does the black screen and stuck on loading imply in Biomtant?

There are a number of failures that tend to occur regularly when we access a new game, in many cases these come from us, for this it is necessary to verify that our PC is as up-to-date as possible, sometimes things as simple as the Operating system, just being outdated can throw us bugs, so knowing how to fix the black screen and stuck on loading leads us to consider some solutions that we will show below.

How to fix black screen and stuck on loading in Biomutant?

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    Update Windows: It is worth mentioning that before embarking on these solutions it is favorable to comment that the possibility of updating the Windows operating system arises, only being outdated can show us bugs not only in this game but in others and for this it is necessary:


    •  Open the start menu in order to search for "Windows Updates".
    • Then we proceed to press Enter to search for them and update if necessary.


     Update graphics drivers. It is important to have the fact that these are updated, and for this we must:


    •  Right click on the start menu.
    • Then locate "Device Manager".
    • We proceed to open the drop-down menu "Display adapters", in order to search for the GPU.
    • Then you need to click the right mouse button to click "Update driver" and "Search for drivers automatically".


     Run Biomutant as administrator: this is another option that may well be applicable, and for this it will only suffice with:


    •  Locate the game shortcut and right-click to locate properties.
    • Next we locate "Compatibility" to proceed to select "Run program as administrator".
    • Then you need to select “Disable full screen optimizations”.
    • To finish, click on "Apply" and "OK".

    Verify the integrity of the Biomutant files: this is another possible solution to apply, for this it is necessary:


    •  Open Steam and go to the library in order to locate Biomutant.
    • Then we click with the right mouse button to locate "Properties" and from there locate "Local files".
    • Then we click "Verify the integrity of the game files", here it is necessary to wait a little, this is a process that may take a few minutes.
    • Once this has occurred, it is necessary to start the game and proceed to open the start menu to search for "Controlled access to folders" which leads us to click on "Allow an application through controlled access to folders".
    • Lego is necessary to click "Yes" to confirm.
    • Then it is necessary to click on "Add an allowed application", and from there proceed to "Browse all applications to find" Biomutant and double click on it.
    • We can press ALT Enter and that's it.


     Update the game:
    it is necessary to have the most recent version of this game, sometimes this type of detail usually prevents it from running normally, especially considering that this is not a single player game.

     In this sense, knowing how to fix the black screen and stuck in the load allows us to apply different solutions in Biomutant and in this way get rid of the failure.

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