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With this guide we will cover everything you need to know about how to beat Porky Puff in Biomutant, so stay tuned.

Who is Porky Puff in Biomutant?

He is one of the first bosses that you will have to face in the game, in a two-phase battle,

How to beat Porky Puff in Biomutant?

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    In the first phase you will face Porky Puff in the water, here you will have to target four pink bumps on the boss's feet. For what we recommend using a ranged weapon, which will allow you to eliminate them quickly.

    When the boss dives into the water and lunges towards you, you'll have to dodge it by taking off and shooting the bumps again.

    After damaging one of the blows, you will inflict large amounts of damage, but after finishing the four protrusions, the boss will fall into the water, a moment that you must take advantage of to continue attacking, especially the bulge on his head.

    The second phase is on land. Here the boss will change his attack form, so you will have to keep your guard up, and we recommend refraining from fighting him from a distance at this point.

    Avoid his attacks and throw yours until you finish him off.

     That's all you have to know about how to beat Porky Puff in Biomutant, so now that you have it, you should be able to take out this enemy with no problem.

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