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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-16 16:06:17

More about: Baldur's Gate 3

We have made for you a Baldur's Gate 3 guide where we tell you How to clean the goblin camp

What is goblin camp in Baldur's Gate 3?

  This is nothing more than an area of the game where it is necessary to complete a mission that has been called Remove the parasites and where it is necessary to know How to clean the goblin camp, because it requires defeating some leaders.

Where is the goblin camp located in Baldur's Gate 3?

  This is an interesting place in which we carry out a very complex fight, where it is our fundamental task to shoot down the enemies and what allows us to know how to clean the goblin camp, because the first thing we need to understand is that getting to the place makes us go to a fast travel point that allows us to reach the west side of the Arboleda de los Driudas.
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How to clean the goblin camp in Baldur's Gate 3?

 Our first impression upon arriving at the camp is somewhat complex, since we observe that there is a goblin torturing a prisoner, which may allow us the luxury of interacting with the goblin so that he can free the prisoner, but this does not stop here because there will be a goblin that will offer equipment to hurt our character where the team will say no except for Astarion who chooses to remain silent, because at this point we have managed to enter the camp through the door and we will have talked with Shadowheart in Baldur's Gate 3 to such an extent that he will allow himself to tell us part of his story related to his past and a goddess he adores.

 Our work to know how to clean the goblin camp allows us to carry out some interesting fights and it may be possible that we will be presented with the opportunity to be able to fight to choose to defeat some enemies who are actually leaders of the camp in Baldur's Gate 3 because while we are by This place we can see that Volo is captive, but it will be our task to get him free, for which it is necessary to choose to persuade the guard to give us the take since he is going to rest, which represents a perfect moment to get free to Volo and choose to return to the place again, since Volo will then be able to become our partner who can help us in our task by knowing how to clean the goblin camp

 Once we have managed to free Volo and he joins our work to clean the camp in Baldur`s Gate 3, our work begins by specifically taking care of the leaders who need to be eliminated and they are the following:

 High Priestess Gut.

 The leaders are usually strong and this one has a special touch because she claims to be a healer, since she will trick us into accompanying her in the treatment about getting rid of the tadpole of the eye that the Destroyer of minds has given us, sun that is an action that simply Our companions do not very much agree that we do it, because if we let ourselves be carried away by it, it will give us a potion that allows it to perfectly attack us, which is simply an unpleasant consequence that we can live in Baldur's Gate 3 if we do not think things with a cool head. and we let ourselves go.

 In such a way that knowing how to clean the goblin camp becomes somewhat complicated, however eliminating the priestess is a necessary task that we can even afford to do as a group, because we have the need to save Driuda Halsin, in such a way that our work on these sides begins to be seen with some clarity, only that this struggle does not end here.

 It is here that Polma will be waiting for us, since this is a bodyguard who as soon as he sees us take the keys from the corpse of the priestess, he will choose to attack us, only that he will not be so lucky that we will shoot him down promptly, in such a way that When we fall, it opens the way for us to enter a room occupied by elves and a dwarf, but as soon as we enter we are asked to leave it, only that we will be more intelligent and we will not agree, instead we choose to explore, because our work to know how to clean the camp of goblins has not finished yet, which allows us to take a look and take something to take some loot that has been left by the elves, and some keys that allow us to choose to open some chests that contain objects and some amount of gold in Baldur's Gate 3


 We continue our tour of eliminating leaders to complete our search about How to clean the goblin camp and this leads us to locate our second leader, only here we are presented with two possible options to eliminate her in Baldur's Gate 3, which brings us to the first instance to locate it and is that it is located in the northeast of the fortress, when finding it it is only necessary to choose to persuade it a little to the point of achieving that it can come to believe in us and thus open up completely to proceed to tell us the plans they have in mind, also eliminating it allows us to get some rare objects such as the Misty Step amulet and the Xuyanyde.

Options to remove Minthara in Baldur's Gate 3:


  •  Attack her in the fortress: this is a complicated action since it can cause some goblins to end up becoming hostile and this simply ends up eliminating us, which is not recommended.
  • Help her and betray her: this is our best alternative, since it only allows us to gain her trust in this way to choose to betray her at a certain moment, which allows us to kill her with a little more ease.


Dror Ragzlin.

 This is the last leader that needs to be defeated to achieve our goal about How to clear the goblin camp, only this is a bit strange and this is because he is a psychopath, which allows us to use Shadowheart so that he can Talk to this one since he is a Cleric class and this leader has between eyebrows to talk to the Dead Mind Destroyer, only that to eliminate this boss it is necessary to think very clearly since according to our actions we can eliminate him without much inconvenience .

 Our job here is to ensure that this leader does not become hostile, which allows us to become an influence, because having him under control we may be able to involve him a little, especially when he asks us to interact with Mithara, if we are smart and use the dialog boxes Perfect this one will never know, it is also necessary to take care of ourselves a little and this is because when attacking it is possible we get at least 6 hostiles behind this leader, which leads us to have to choose to use the Push button in such a way so that it can fall into the pit, so that it falls and dies in Baldur`s Gate 3, which allows us to choose to get the necessary key to open the chest that is nearby to receive the Amulet of the Chosen of Selune, in addition to be able to get a Bone Breaker from this leader.

 This is everything you need to know about How to clean the goblin camp, as it is a complex task that leads us to face 3 leaders in Baldur's Gate 3

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