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Guide to learn where to find tropeognathus in Ark Survival Evolved

  Ark Survival Evolved shows us different past species and this time it brought us a new type of dinosaur which is in everyone's sights to try to tame it.

It will not be an easy task because you must first look for one and if you do not know where to find tropeognathus in Ark, you will be in trouble. Because of this, we have triad this guide for your ease.
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    Where to find tropeognathus in Ark Survival Evolved?

    You should know that this particular dinosaur is quite elusive, so you will not always find it, in addition to being the aerial type it can bring you many problems. If you want to find it, you must first locate your particular map because if you play on PC or console these will not be the same, so be careful.

    If you are aware of the news of this game, you will know that a new map called Crystal Isles will appear that will be available on consoles later this year, because you should know that this dinosaur will find itself there when they try to locate it, and those who play in Consoles can find one on any map where flying creatures may appear.

    On the other hand, PC gamers should focus their attention on the coastal areas of the Crystal Islands when looking for a Tropeognathus and looking around 80 (lat) 20 (lon), 60 (lat) 60 (lon) and 80 (lat ) 80 (lon) is recommended.

    This does not exclude the console ones, since these will also have to be located on the coast, although they will be hunting on the maps of the island, the center, the scorched earth, Ragnarok, Extinction and Valguero. It is also said to appear in Tapejara.

    Another detail that can help you is that due to the low probability of finding it, some players may skip the process with a Tropeognathus generation command, which can be entered in the administration command menu after enabling cheats, and here is a code: admincheat summon Tropeognathus_Character_BP_C

     Knowing where to find tropeognathus in Ark Survival Evolved is a complicated task, but not difficult, but it will be difficult for new players in this series. In other words, new players will have to improve their skills before thinking about facing such an animal. Regarding its location we will be informing in case of knowing something new.

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