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2020-11-26 09:22:51

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Our guide today on Genshin Impact lets us explain to you How to Get the Sticky Honey Roast Recipe, let's see.

What is the sticky honey roast recipe in Genshin Impact?

This is a very interesting article that we have the opportunity to make, in such a way that this leads us to have to complete some questions of Master's Day Off in addition to having reached at least level 34 since this recipe is part of the dishes with which we get in this game.
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How to get the sticky honey roast recipe in Genshin Impact?

Our work to get this recipe leads us to have to talk with Jean, as this usually happens in Mondstadt, and with it get the following implements:

  • 3 raw meats: These can be sourced from the wild or simply choose to buy them from Draff in Springvale.
  • 2 sugars: These only need to be purchased and for this, it is possible to go to the Good Hunter vendors or simply visit the Wanmin restaurant.
  • 2 carrots: These are ingredients that can be found in nature, but if we want the easiest way possible to choose to buy them, the advantage is that several sellers usually have them.

 With all the ingredients in our possession, the preparation of this recipe has finally arrived, so it is necessary:

  •  Find an oven or proceed to make a fire and use the fire ability to light it.
  • Gather in one place all the ingredients that we have obtained.
  • Proceed to make the honey stick roast.

 Definitely, knowing how to get the sticky honey roast recipe is an interesting and quite simple task that we are allowed to do these days in Genshin Impact.

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