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2020-11-26 08:53:49

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Our adventure in Genshin Impact is becoming more and more interesting and therefore it is convenient to tell you how to complete a mysterious loss

What is a mystery leak in Genshin Impact?

This is simply a quest in this game, specifically the eighth, is clearly related to the Unreconciled Stars Event, in such a way that it is necessary to choose to complete this event as soon as possible, since it will not last longer. So it will be necessary to embark on a search to help Viktor.

How to complete a mystery loss in Genshin Impact?

This search requires having completed the seven missions that have happened before meeting her, once we have all that experience of compromise on top, finally the time has come to go to Mondstadt because that is where Viktor is, since this search is try to help since he has been in charge of losing a box, it is known that the Electro Slimes have it, so our work leads us to go to the Temple of the Thousand Winds and when we arrive at the resulting place it is necessary to make use of sight elemental since thanks to it it is possible to find some traces, specifically the purple that gives us signs of where said box could be.

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Our task is to be able to interact with this trail, choose to follow it until we can observe some Electro Slimes and choose to dispatch them as best we deem necessary, only that our work has not yet concluded, to do so that it is necessary to use once more of the Elemental view to observe another purple marker where it will be necessary to choose to interact with it and in this way get the box, once with it in our possession it is necessary to return to the cathedral to return it to its owner, Viktory in this way complete the quest, as this gives us the opportunity to get the Essence of the Vanishing Star.

Generally speaking, knowing how to complete a mystery loss leads us to visit Mondstadt, fight back, and get rewarded for our work at Genshin Impact.

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