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Master the art of How To Tap Strafe in Apex Legends with our comprehensive guide and gain the upper hand in every firefight.

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to tap strafe in Apex Legends! In this blog post, we'll walk you through the step-by-step instructions for both PC and controller players. Strafing is a crucial skill in Apex Legends as it allows you to dodge incoming shots while maintaining your aim on the enemy. So, let's get started and improve your strafing skills!

 How to Tap Strafe in Apex Legends

 Tapping Strafe on PC

1. Change Mouse Scroll Wheel to W Key:

To start tapping strafe on PC, you will need to change your mouse scroll wheel to the W key. This will allow you to execute tap strafes while maintaining lateral movement.

  •  Open your game settings and navigate to the controls options.
  •  Locate the mouse settings and select "Scroll Wheel Up" or "Scroll Wheel Down."
  •  Assign the selected scroll wheel option to the W key.

2. Slide Jump Technique:

The slide jump technique is a fundamental movement technique in Apex Legends that is essential for tap strafing. It allows you to quickly change direction and maintain your speed.

  •  While running forward, press the crouch key (usually Left Ctrl) to initiate a slide.
  •  Just before reaching the end of the slide, press the jump key (usually Spacebar) to perform a slide jump.

3. Press A or D Keys for Left or Right Movement:

After performing a slide jump, you need to use either the A key or D key on your keyboard for left or right movement respectively. This will enable you to strafe effectively and throw off your opponents' aim.

4. Release W Key while Holding Down A or D Keys:

As you tap strafe, it is crucial to release the W key while still holding down either the A or D keys. This will ensure that you maintain lateral movement while executing tap strafes.

5. Scroll Mouse Wheel Forward for Tap Strafe:

Finally, to execute tap strafes while maintaining lateral movement, scroll your mouse wheel forward. This action will allow you to smoothly change direction and dodge incoming shots.

Tapping Strafe on Controller (using Steam Input)

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1. Enable Steam Input:

If you prefer playing Apex Legends on a controller, you can still tap strafe using Steam Input. Here's how to enable it:

  •  Open Steam and click on "Steam" in the top-left corner of your screen.
  •  From the dropdown menu, select "Settings" followed by "Controller."
  •  Checkmark the box that says "Enable Steam Input."

2. Configure Controller Settings:

Once Steam Input is enabled, you need to configure your controller settings to enable tap strafing.

  • a) Select Left Joystick Move Box: In the Controller settings, locate and select the box representing your left joystick movement. This will allow you to modify its settings.
  • b) Activate Mode Shifting: Within the selected joystick move box, choose "Mode Shifting" from the dropdown menu. This function will enable you to assign different actions to the same input.
  • c) Bind Mode Shift Button to Joystick Click: Assign a button on your controller as the Mode Shift button by clicking on "Joystick Click" in the same dropdown menu. This button will activate the tap strafe mode.
  • d) Map Forward Button to W Key: With Mode Shifting enabled, select "Directional Pad" from the dropdown menu. Assign the forward direction button (usually Up on D-pad) to the W key. This will allow you to move forward while tap strafing.
  • e) Configure Hold to Repeat Function: Show Activators by clicking on it within the controller settings. Enable "Hold to Repeat." This setting will allow you to perform tap strafes continuously while holding down the assigned button.
  • f) Repeat Steps c-e for Left, Right, and Down Directional Buttons: Follow steps c-e for each of these respective directional buttons: left, right, and down. This will enable you to move in different directions while tap strafing.

3. Add Activator and Finalize Configuration:

To complete the controller configuration for tap strafing, follow these steps:

  •  Click on "Add Activator" in the controller layout settings.
  •  Finally, click on the left joystick button on your controller layout to complete the configuration.

Congratulations! You have now learned how to tap strafe in Apex Legends on both PC and controllers. These techniques will significantly enhance your movement capabilities during intense battles. Remember to practice regularly and gradually incorporate tap strafing into your gameplay. With time and dedication, you'll be able to outmaneuver your opponents and gain a competitive edge. Good luck out there, Legends!

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