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2023-07-27 08:10:03

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Learn How to get Computer Nodes Currency in Apex Legends and tricks to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Apex Legends has introduced a new and exciting way to earn rewards through the Neon Network Collection Event. One of the key components of this event is the Computer Nodes currency, which can be obtained by participating in non-ranked Battle Royale matches. In this blog post, we will explore the various methods and strategies to acquire Computer Nodes currency and make the most out of this limited-time event.

Playing the Non-Ranked Battle Royale Match

To start earning Computer Nodes, you must first participate in the Neon Network Collection Event. This event requires you to play a non-ranked Battle Royale match, where you can actively collect Computer Nodes as you progress through the game. Keep in mind that only non-ranked matches count towards earning Computer Nodes, so make sure to select the right mode before diving into the action.

Using the Node Tracker

The Node Tracker is a crucial tool that will greatly assist you in finding the locations of Computer Nodes. It is highly recommended to utilize this tool to maximize your chances of collecting a substantial amount of Computer Nodes. By accessing the Node Tracker, you can easily identify the areas where these nodes are located, enabling you to plan your gameplay accordingly.

Hacking and Obtaining Loot Ticks

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Once you have located a Computer Node using the Node Tracker, the next step is to hack it. Hacking a Computer Node will result in a Loot Tick, which contains not only Computer Nodes but also other valuable items. This means that by hacking Computer Nodes, you not only increase your Computer Nodes currency but also have the opportunity to obtain exciting rewards.

Spending Computer Nodes in the Rewards Shop or Seasonal Tab

Now that you have accumulated a substantial amount of Computer Nodes, it's time to spend them wisely. Apex Legends offers various options for spending your hard-earned Computer Nodes currency. These options can be found in the Rewards Shop or the Seasonal Tab. Here, you can browse through a wide range of items, from weapon skins to character cosmetics. Some of the most desirable items include the Radiant Raver Epic Loba Skin and the Lightbreaker Epic R-301 Skin. Choose wisely and make sure to pick the items that resonate with your personal style and preferences.

Additional Items and Rewards

Apart from the highly sought-after weapon and character skins, there are additional items and rewards that you can acquire using Computer Nodes currency. These may include exclusive banners, charms, quips, and more. Make sure to explore all the available options in the Rewards Shop to find the perfect additions to your collection.

The Neon Network Collection Event in Apex Legends brings a fresh opportunity to earn rewards through the acquisition of Computer Nodes currency. By actively participating in non-ranked Battle Royale matches, utilizing the Node Tracker to find Computer Nodes, hacking them to obtain Loot Ticks, and wisely spending your Computer Nodes in the Rewards Shop or Seasonal Tab, you can unlock a plethora of exciting items and make your mark on the battlefield. Don't miss out on this limited-time event and start collecting those Computer Nodes today!

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