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Today we bring you a Among Us guide where we will explain how to use sabotage.

What to know about Among Us sabotage?

The gameplay of the game involves having the opportunity to have a partner or an impostor, with whom some tasks will be presented to become the winner, being necessary the sabotage of the ship's crew, the impostors have some outstanding skills in terms of sabotage, there are 2 different categories that their operation is also different, according to some factors it is possible to achieve that sabotage causes the expected damage, now it is vital that you understand how to use sabotage and for this we have the content of this guide to support us, let's see below.

How to use tamper on Among Us?

We will find a series of functions on the right of our screen once we are the impostor, once the game starts we have to sabotage it is available for only a few seconds the icon of the same is on the screen to the right, when giving said icon we are going to start the sabotage of the ship, having access to the map of this completely and the areas to which we can sabotage, to activate the one we want we are going to give in this, we will realize that it was activated by the dark color .

Main sabotages: These have to do with the failures caused to the spacecraft which will require the due attention of those who are in the crew in Among Us, without being ignored by them, sometimes they are used With the purpose of causing some distraction, it is possible to be so effective that it will even take us to eliminate many players in a single moment, there are some factors to highlight related to How to use sabotage, which are the following:

  • Cooldown takes about 30 seconds and sabotage is affected
  • Door cooling is 30 years
  • It is not possible to use the door tamper and neither can the other main tampers

Door sabotage: regarding How to use sabotage, these allow us to do it in some specific rooms, which results in less effectiveness in causing problems for the crew, this can be ignored by them and will not end up being an obstacle in Among Us, but it is possible that these rooms can be enclosed and it is necessary to wait a certain cooling time of 10 minutes for the door to be opened later, the usefulness of this is very outstanding, due to the blockage that can be caused if we are to be discovered and there are some factors to consider and these are:
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  • Door cooling is 30 years
  • For main sabotages the cooldown is 10 seconds
  • It is not possible to use the main tampers and other door tampers if we can use them, which have a cooldown for each door of 30 seconds

What are the main sabotages in Among Us?

We have to understand how to use sabotage we must consider that the main ones are 4 and these are the following:

  • The one with the light: this one is in charge of eliminating the vision in considerably to all the crewmates, avoiding that so many impostors and players find it difficult to see, here in impostor does not have a winning scenario, to fix it requires a single crewmate and is achieved by turning the switches so the light is green.
  • Communications: it is in charge of preventing crewmates from visualizing tasks on the map by hiding them, leaving the security cameras out, the door searches and the administration map, taking into account the current situation, There is no winning scenario for the impostor, to fix it is necessary 1 or 2 companions according to the map and the radio has to be tuned to the corresponding frequency to have the audio clearly.
  • The reactor: we have to cause the ship's engine to melt, being of vital importance that it is taken care of, in this way it is possible that the impostor will win if there is no solution in Among Us, if the countdown manages to arrive to 0 the impostor will win, to fix it, 2 crewmates are needed and the solution is in the simultaneous scanning of the reactor area by 2 different scanners.
  • The one of 02: The oxygen of the ship will be affected, being to understand How to use sabotage the considerations for its solution, it is important the attention of this, at the moment in which the count reaches 0 the impostor will win, for which to Fixing it requires 2 crewmates and the solution is in a daily pin that keeps generating randomly that must be entered at the same time.

Finally, now that we know how to use sabotage we can move on to Among Us.

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