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We hope that now that we have prepared this article on how to get a refund with the cancellation of a payment in PayPal you can recover your canceled funds.

What is the payment cancellation problem in PayPal.

If you made a payment using this electronic payment system and by mistake you placed the wrong recipient, you have probably wondered how to obtain a refund with the cancellation of a payment, that is why we prepared this article in which you will find everything you need on how to obtain a refund with cancellation of a payment in PayPal.

How to get a refund by canceling a payment at PayPal.

Fortunately, if you wonder how to get a refund with the cancellation of a payment, you should know that there are several ways to do this as long as the conditions that will allow you to cancel the payment and recover the amount in your account are met.

The first thing to keep in mind about these conditions for the cancellation and refund process in PayPal is that if the recipient's email ID is not registered in PayPal, the operation cannot be completed. In this case you can cancel the transaction and recover the amount sent.

In case you have not verified the email ID, the payment process will not be completed either and you can cancel the operation manually and within 30 days, the money will be automatically refunded. Please note that the wrong recipient's email ID remains unverified and unrecorded or the payment will be considered full and the money will be reflected in the recipient's account.

To cancel a payment manually, you will have to go to the top of the page to see all your transactions. In case the transaction to be canceled has not been claimed, you will see a button that says Cancel. That if the above conditions are met.

After pressing cancel you will have to confirm the action, only ten in mind that if the option is not there, it means that the recipient received the money and the transaction has been completed.

If you want to prevent and cure these problems, we have some recommendations for you.

Since you have the recipient's email, we recommend that you send an email to the person and describe the situation so that they can return the money, always justifying with screenshots as proof.

You can also contact the customer service of this electronic payment service and communicate your problem also justifying with screenshots asking for a refund of your funds.

You can also upload the screenshots of the payment activity on Twitter or LinkedIn to tag Paypal and other related authorities explaining the problem in order to attract attention and that the probe is resolved faster, although we leave this as the last lifeline.

That's all you have to know about how to get a refund with the cancellation of a payment in PayPal, we hope that our article has been of the greatest possible use and that you have managed to obtain a refund of your funds in case of having sent them by mistake to other direction.

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