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Among Us never ceases to amaze us and this time lets us tell you how to play with 100 players.

Why is it possible to play with 100 players in Among Us?

  This has emerged rather as a proposal for which it is only necessary to join Discordia since it is the only way to access the mod, however, downloading it on your own and installing it is also an option, which allows us to have the possibility to get to gather a total of 100 players, which in some way can be unbalanced but can become entertaining to the point that it has gone viral.
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    How to play with 100 players. in Among Us?

     Our first task to carry out this feat is to download the mod and install it and this is the simplest task we find ourselves with, only that there is a possibility that this can generate some kind of rose with the standard game, when we are done to play in the mod, on the other hand it is quite small and this is because Android and iOS users will not have the possibility to do so, this is only for PC.

     Know how to play with 100 players. it's actually fun and this is what you'll need to do:


    •  Open Steam.
    • Locate Among Us in the library.
    • Right click on the game to select Manage.
    • Then select Browse local files.
    • Proceed to extract the content that is in the zip file that we have downloaded.
    • Proceed to move the contents of the zip file to the Among Us folder
    • Finally start the game.


     This is a fairly simple task and when we finish installing it we see that there is a red Sockfor1, as this is because on the one hand it was well installed and on the other hand it is allusive to YouTube since this version of the mod was created in a beginning for a video of this channel on October 15, after we finish the mod it is necessary to reinstall the game to continue our fun without fail.

     This is all you need to know about How to play with 100 players, because it is quite simple and it is only possible to do it in Among Us.

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