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Guide to Learn How to Catch Spiritomb on Halloween by Pokémon Go

 Catch rare Pokemon in an entire odyssey in Pokémon Go because these are not found for long so you have to do everything possible to capture them and this includes certain special activities such as participating in a specific event or meeting them during a certain time of day. For Spiritomb, trainers have only been able to catch this Pokémon when Halloween rolls around, and it's back as of October 23 and you have until November 3 to get it. If you really want to get it, stay with us to find out!

How to catch Spiritomb on Halloween from Pokémon Go?

Spiritomb is a rarer Pokémon given how difficult it is to capture it for trainers so this time seems to be an opportunity to capture it "easily".

If what you want is to get it, we must first talk about the pokemon itself. Spiritomb will not roam in the wild like some of the other Pokémon. Traditionally, Pokémon appear while a trainer wanders through the physical world. But Spiritomb will only appear in two ways:
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    First form of appearance

    The first is completing the timed investigation A Creepy Message Unmasked, which is only available on October 25, 8 a.m. at 10 p.m. in your local area. All you need to do is complete all four tasks before the extremely short event, and you should find a Spiritomb.

    Second form of appearance

    The second option is simply about completing certain field research tasks. These tasks are what you can acquire by rotating the photo discs at the PokéStops and Gym locations.

    Field tasks are tied to the Halloween event, so you can only purchase them starting October 23 and they disappear on November 3.

    It is not yet known exactly which of the field research tasks ensures you meet Spiritomb but we will be aware of this information in future updates.

     Now that you know how to catch Spiritomb on Halloween from Pokémon Go you can try either of the two alternatives to try your luck and catch this Pokémon. Luck!

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