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2020-11-03 07:13:48

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Guide to learn how to get a mini crewmate in Among Us

  Surely you will play this game of social analysis that consists of discovering the traitor within your group. But before starting each game, you can customize your character to your liking, even adding a little companion to the adventure. So is! Those adorable little crewmates who follow you around and get sad when they kill you are a great addition to this game. Many fans say they represent the children of the crew but no one is sure of it.

How to get a mini crewmate in Among Us?

The way to get your crewmates is by purchasing the Mini Crewmate pack, which is downloadable content (DLC). Although you can only equip one pet at a time, you can get a mini crewmate and a robotic friend.

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These pets will have a unique animation when the impostor kills the "father" (and yes, it is very sad).

Once he adds it to his appearance you will see how this mini companion takes the same color as the father. Once you buy the pack, here's how to equip the pet.

How to equip pets in Among Us?

To have the mini crewmate follow your astronaut around the map, simply head over to the laptop in the game lobby. Click on the Pet tab and choose your companion from the list of pets you own. And ready! new companion added.

  Now that you know how to get a mini crewmate in Among Us you can also have a Crewmate partner or an accomplice when you are an impostor. Luck!

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