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We invite you to discover How to get the Steam version in this excellent and explanatory Apex Legends guide.

What to know about the Steam version of Apex Legends?

It is one of the options that many of us have waited for in terms of the 7th season of the game that we are playing on the PC, considering that until now you could only be in the Origin, which was an obstacle at the time to be Online and more when it stopped working correctly, so it is ideal to know how to get the Steam version to migrate to this, the details come right now, let's follow them.

How to get the Steam version of Apex Legends?

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It is possible with the output of the download for Steam that we preload the game on our PC, thus having access to the instant that the 7th season is launched, we only have to go to the Steam page for the game, we download the Preload of the game and it We add our launcher, it is important that we have the launcher downloaded before continuing, it is a 31.4 GB download, it is good to consider that it is a crossing that will allow us to resume the game from the place where we left with the same user that we use in the game, with everything available as we left it before we got here, adding some new weapon charms that are related to Portal and Half Life, among which are Octane and Wattson, from the same link we can download the game once the season is available, we simply have it on the button indicating the download and we can play when it is complete.

Now that you know how to get the Steam version, just do it and continue enjoying everything that Apex Legends offers you.

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