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We welcome you to our Fallout 76 guide, in which we will explain where to find all power armor.

What to know about the power armor in Fallout 76?

It is a great possibility during the game, with which we can achieve a great protection so powerful that it can help us face our teammates and opponents online, only that for this it is necessary to understand Where to find all power armor and that is What will be explained in the content of this guide, you just have to pay attention to the details that will be presented below.

Where to find all power armor in Fallout 76?

As for Where to find all power armor we have to consider that the locations can be affected by the random situation, but sometime in Fallout 76 they will appear in the locations that will be presented below.
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    • In Aaronholt's farm: in order to solve Where to find all power armor, we will start from Route 94 to the north, which will not put on this farm, once here it is necessary that to cross a shed we force a lock If you cannot achieve it, you have to look for a key that is hidden in a corpse very close to here in Fallout 76, which allows us to access the power armor.
    • In Arktos Pharma: east of route 59 and north of route 86B we can locate this place with precision, being here and approaching a garage that is on the left, it is necessary that to attend Where to find all power armor through a hole in the ceiling we go through some buses and stairs that take us to the building, then we have to go down to find the terminal of a computer, with which we will reach the armor in Fallout 76.
    • In Betty the belching: east of camden park is this place, you have to go to the mine that is west of some ashes to find the armor here.
    • In the Billings farm: in Fallout 76 we have this location below the jungle farm and in turn it is north of the Nuka-Cola plant, to the north of the farm we find a shed and some grain silos, inside this place is the armor .
    • In the black bear hostel: as for Where to find all the power armor we have that for this location it is located northeast of the palace of the winding path, which is not very far from route 9, being here we will see a barn that gets hit by a tree, here is the armor.
    • In the venture camp: this place is found along route 65, northeast of the research laboratory, in the courtyard there are some armor.
    • In Clarksburg: it is necessary that in Fallout 76 we go to the Grafton dam through route 61, which will put us on a road that at the end is a building that has a fire escape, which is not possible to take from the ground, for this we have to lean on a barricade and when we go up we find that by going around the roof from the right we can go up another floor to reach the armor.
    • At the V9 delivery point: progressing on Where to find all the power armor we have this place further down the map towards the south, at this precise point will be the armor, it is possible that we will get more if we go to the reconnaissance field that is located west of V9.
    • In the eastern regional penitentiary: we are going to find this place south of Clarksburg and west of the Grafton dam, what we will do is go around the back and go through a hole that is in the wall, then we have to go to the center building to get armor.
    • In the Hornwright industrial headquarters: through the mission The Motherlode in Fallout 76, you have to go to Charleston, a place that is south of the river from Route 59, you have to enter the mission to later have access to some key letters which will lead us to the armor by means of some stairs at the end.
    • In the Morgantown train yard: when wanting to know where to find all power armor this takes us west of Morgantown and southwest of the airport to get to Trainyard, here it is required to locate a watchtower that we have on the side west between a couple of warehouses, in front is a green car, here is the armor.

    • At the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant: we need to start from west Charleston and north from Camden Park to get to this place, then we have to access the building by forcing some entrances to locate the basement, thus finding the armor when passing a salt with a yellow crane.
    • At the meeting point: we will notice an M for Mothman sign that indicates our next path, which is southwest of the old Vault 76 and the Mothman museum, to continue at Fallout 76 we will arrive at a pharmacy, which will be on our right, You have to climb some stairs here to get to a building that has broken walls, when you enter here we will be able to reach the other side, on the left you can see some stairs that will take us to the roof, we have to look for the wooden path above a bridge that guides us through a fork, at one point you have to go to the right and going down there will be a red sofa with the armor.
    • The Poseidon WV-06 power plant: this place in terms of Where to find all power armor we have it to the northeast of the Nuka-Cola plant, being here we focus on the largest building that has blue pipes, 3 doors and some army vehicles, when entering we go down some stairs and we will pass a corridor that will put us in a room with a workbench near the armor.
    • In silva's house: we have that in Fallout 76 starting north from the Nuka-Cola plant this place will be, we have to look in the barn that has a red tractor inside to find the armor on the back.
    • In the front row: we have to go to the service station that is under Mount Blair, here is an armor and to find another then we will go south where Striker Row is, near some barriers in the road there is a hole of rock, which puts us with the second armor of the place.
    • In the reticule cave: as for Where to find all power armor we have to go north of Aaronholt's farm, which will put us in the Crosshair mountain range, the cave is here and inside it is the armor.
    • At Wade airport: we have this location near Charleston, we can find a pair of armor at this point, for this we will go to the hangar near the flight tower at the north end of the runway here we find the first one, then we will go to the extreme south to locate a blue trailer, which contains the second armor, keep in mind that to access it requires the level 2 pick.
    • In Watoga: as for Where to find all power armor in Fallout 76, you have to go to the west of Drop Site V9 here we will locate a Vertibird that is crashed, close to this is the armor.
    • In WV Lumber Co: To the east of Crosshairs the Power Armor is found inside the lumberyard, only some mutants are presented as an additional obstacle.


    In this way we finalize our Fallout 76 guide, now you know Where to find all power armor, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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