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2020-10-07 10:42:44

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Find out how to double kill in this excellent and explanatory guide to Among Us.

What to know about Among Us?

It turns out that in the game we will find it fun to do so many things, being an impostor for example, we will be able to kill, sabotage and even pretend when some of so many evils are discovered that we can cause by being an impostor, but there is something else we can do and that is kill twice, but for such a fact we have that the content that is to come in this guide will guide us as to how to double kill, let's see it right now to have the details.

How to double kill in Among Us?

It is necessary that there are 2 impostors in the game, for this we must find both impostors on the same line of the objective if we want to twice, this is ideal if we play with friends, it is necessary that our movements become with 2 crewmates looking to be in a room that we can close so that both impostors can kill both and thus have the double, there are no witnesses present as long as we leave this place in time, we can use the vents to get to another place without being seen, until sabotage with light it can help us.
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There are many opportunities in our favor, now if for some reason they see us entering the room it will be very easy to identify ourselves as the impostors, but we can also use the fact that we pretend our innocence until we make someone else blame and they arrive to be expelled, with some luck and good alibis it is possible to try this option, it is important to bear in mind that it is not possible to kill the impostor alone twice, but it must be taken into account that even though we have a partner this It can even be treacherous, something that can seem very entertaining.

  So we finished our guide on how to double kill, hoping that you can get the best out of Among Us, a very busy game.

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