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2020-10-07 09:41:14

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Today we bring you a Minecraft Caves guide where we will explain how to get glowing squid.

What to know about Minecraft Caves?

For the summer of 2021 in the update of this game is the glowing squid, certainly this already exists since February 2020, due to its presentation in 3 bands, the Moobloom and the Iceologer, these respectively in the Earth and Dungeons edition, but it we have here too and this leads us to want to have some idea of How to get glowing squid, as this guide will help us, let's follow it closely.
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How to get glowing squid in Minecraft Caves?

We will only be able to find them in underground water sources, in any provided that the water source becomes large so that a squid of similar characteristics can be, in the dark finding them is easier, which makes ideal that In the dark caves these can be, which will lead us to have the torches if these squids were not glowing, since they are able to illuminate with the light that comes out of their bodies, in the Caves these appear but there is a possibility that The Axolotls are taquen but it is not something that is certified, it is good to know that these squids cannot be put in a bucket due to the large size they do not have, the same happens with the normal ones.

Finally, now that we know how to get glowing squid we can get on with the fun in Minecraft Caves.

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