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Our Among Us guide today lets us explain how to complete all vault tasks.

What to know about the vault in Among Us?

This is one of the locations that is available to us in the game, in this sense, knowing how to complete all the vault tasks makes us have to locate it and take charge of executing some specific actions, since our main objective here is to survive the impostor and to give you the necessary details we are here.

How to complete all vault tasks in Among Us?

This is a process that leads us to contemplate:

Locate the vault: this is the first task that we must perform and for this it will only be enough to locate ourselves at the top on the left side of the map, it is only necessary to access to go up through the engine room and enter through the left door from the dungeon.

Download the data in the vault: now that we know where the vault is located in Among Use, it is necessary to continue with the tasks and for this specific it is necessary:
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  • Go to the left side of the room in order to locate the panel with the small room next to it.
  • Proceed to click on the panel.
  • Then we click on "Download", this is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once the data has been downloaded we must go to the viewpoint at the bottom of the map.
  • To get to the viewpoint it is necessary to go through the brigade, then go to the engine room, then we go through the armory and the kitchen.
  • Next we must go to the outside of the ship where a Smartphone device appears.
  • We proceed to move the device on the screen at Among Us in order to get a good information signal.
  • This task will be finished when the upload is complete.

Dressing the mannequins of the vault:
we continue talking about How to complete all the vault tasks and this allows us to see some mannequins in there, it is necessary to access to dress one of these for which it is necessary:

  • Approach the mannequin that is highlighted in yellow.
  • Locate at the top a suit that we must put on it.
  • Proceed to click on the correct elements and then drag them to where the mannequin is on the right side of the screen.
  • There is only one mannequin in the vault and one suit, this task is usually finished when we put all the mannequin items on it.

Polishing the ruby ​​in the vault:
this is another necessary task to perform and for this it is necessary:

  • Go to the vault in order to locate ourselves in the center of the room.
  • Then we must interact with the ruby ​​that is shown to us on the screen.
  • We proceed to hold down the interaction button and choose to slide back and forth where we will see the gemstone stains.
  • To know that the task is completed, we are shown the section that begins to shine.

This is all you need to know about how to complete all vault tasks, in this way we are allowed to perform various tasks and thus continue to enjoy Among Us.

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