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Our purpose of this Yakuza Like a Dragon guide allows us to explain to you what all the jobs are.

What does all the Yakuza Like a Dragon jobs entail?

This is simply an interesting task that we achieve as we progress in this game, as this allows us to have different forms in relation to skills and our fighting style, especially since this game has certain variations in relation to the characters, male and female, because even though each character is duly preloaded with their specific job, it is possible to get some gender designations, so that it is not to accept jobs exclusively for women.

This installment presents us with a somewhat more evolved battle system, which allows us to get involved at a more appropriate level according to the conditions, so that this allows us to have the possibility that it allows us to progress some amount through of the main story, which could perfectly leave the door open to certain encounters that could well be made at random.

What are all the jobs in Yakuza Like a Dragon?

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Before leaving you with the list of jobs, it is important to tell you that these can be leveled when we get to rank 99, however, there are some skills that can be unlocked as soon as we reach rank 28 and they are the following:

  • Miss Seako Mukuoda.
  • The host
  • The Night Queen
  • The Idol
  • The Merchant Woman
  • The Matriarch (DLC) Woman
  • Secretary Eri Kamataki.
  • The Class restriction.
  • The Tianyou Zhao Mafia.
  • The hero Ichiban Ksuga.
  • Hitman Joo-gi-Han.
  • The destroyer man.
  • Wanderer Yu Nanba
  • The host man.
  • The man guessed.
  • The dancing man.
  • Detective Koichi Adachi.
  • The Male Chef.
  • The rock devil.
  • The bodyguard
  • Riot police man.
  • The street musician.

Now that you know all the jobs, it is time for you to delve into this game a bit and choose the one you consider the most favorable in Yakuza Like a Dragon.

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