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Angel Marquez
2021-08-06 16:03:52

This time we return with a Xbox Series X guide in which we will talk about How to fix the PBR41210 error.

What to know about the PBR41210 error in Xbox Series X?

It is a problem presented when looking to make an additional subscription purchase, the message is displayed indicating that the extension is not allowed for our account, it is because we have bought the maximum that is allowed, now to know how to repair the error PBR41210 let's see what we can do in the following content.

How to fix PBR41210 error in Xbox Series X?

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As for How to fix PBR41210 error in Xbox Series X we can consider the possible solutions below:

  • Activate automatic renewal: for this, what we will do is press the Xbox button on our controller to choose profile and system, which we have in the side menu tab, we choose our console settings, as long as we can open the settings to choose subscriptions, where we will see the ones that we have active, then we choose the one that we are going to put in automatic renewal, for that reason we activate recurring billing and to complete the process we follow the instructions.
  • Accept that the subscription expires: if we do not want to apply the previous step, we can only let it expire and we will subscribe again.

Finally, now that we know how to fix the error PBR41210 we can continue to take advantage of our Xbox Series X.

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